10 Guilty Cats Only Pretending To Feel Bad About What They Did.

10 Guilty Cats Only Pretending To Feel Bad About What They Did. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Cats are one of the most amusing creatures on Earth. It’s not only because they are adorable, or friendly, or sometimes cranky, but because they know how to bounce back after being the target of some silly prank courtesy of their “beloved” owners. The only restriction is that they cannot express their feelings in human language. Though felines can be irritable and bad-tempered sometimes, they are too lovable and adorable to be punished in the conventional way. But sometimes they get so out of control that the only thing an owner can do is a little harmless cat-shaming. It’s the ultimate win… for the owner at least. Sure, the cat may have totally wrecked their day, but the owner can give them a little payback by making fun of their rebellious feline nature. You would all agree that if kitties are given a chance to express their remorse, this would be their exact thoughts. Let’s have a look at the following pictures of cats confessing their crimes in the most comical manner.This cat has given strict instructions regarding her breakfast and if she doesn’t get that, then it is advisable that you proceed at your own risk.

Kids seem to love this kitty. She has been so mauled by children that she got confused about her own self, whether she is a flesh and blood cat, or a toy cat.

After this incident, the cat must have learnt not to be so greedy. Well the cat seems to have had a streamer/string which may or may not come out the next morning! Now this poor cat might have to visit the vet.

Completing the household chores is a difficult task on its own and it is even more infuriating when you find out that your kitty has showered her love on the washed curtains. But what can you do to such an innocent cat except cat-shame them!

This kitty’s mommy was so excited about her new plants. But then she found that her cat had eaten her precious cucumbers and threw the leftovers all around the house.

This feline takes her human’s make-up brush and carries it in her mouth while moving around the house. It appears as if the cat wants to use some of her mommy’s makeup to get all gussied up.

Cats like it when they get to spend time with their owners. But this kitty was so thrilled to have her mommy work from home that she bit her. She also showed her over-the-top excitement to her mommy’s colleagues.

The owner of this cat must have learnt her lesson. Now, she will never sit anywhere without looking twice because she is going to remember that painful moment for the rest of her life.

Is it possible that this cat might actually not like the most wonderful time of the year? Maybe she just likes to break things.

A loving family got a cozy bed for their adorable kitty on Black Friday, but the gift they got in return was quite unexpected. Maybe she didn’t like the bed that much, or it’s also possible that she was just too lazy to get up and walk over to the litter box.

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