10 Signs He Loves You (Even If He Hasn’t Said It Yet).

10 Signs He Loves You (Even If He Hasn’t Said It Yet). April 1, 2023Leave a comment

True love is a bond that only comes to those that are very lucky. It doesn’t come along every day and if you have it and mistreat it, you will certainly spend the rest of your life trying to get it back. Or at the very least you’ll spend that time trying to find it again. If you want to figure out if the man you are with is the one that will be with you forever, there are some telltale signs that you can look for. When you continue to read on you’ll find some really basic things that should be in place. They can’t be forced, they are either there or they aren’t. If you can answer yes to all of the questions that follow here, you’ll know you found the right one. Even if there is a few no’s sprinkled in that’s okay, because we all know that nobody is perfect. As long as most of them are “yes” answers you are okay and have the one for you. However, if you find yourself answering “no” to most of them, it just may be time to move on and continue your search. He is out there for you, but you’ll never find him if you don’t take the steps needed to start the search.You spend all of your time with him and most of your thoughts revolve around him, but is he really the one? Read on and answer these questions to find out.

Are you sure you are the only one in his life? Does he make you feel that you are his life?

When he tells you that he loves you, do you feel it? Are you certain that he means it?

Does he help you even when you don’t need it? Just to be near you and take part in something you are doing? It doesn’t have to be anything important. Helping with the kitchen work is a good sign.

Does he come to you with his deepest thoughts and fears? Or does he share them with someone else?

Does he make sure that the free time he has is spent either with you or on you? Those few spare minutes that come up during the day… are those yours?

Do you have discussions about the future? Are those discussions about a future together?

Do you picture yourself like this down the road? Is this a future picture of the two of you?

The main question is does he make you feel like nobody else has or can? We all know that fairy tales aren’t real, but he can certainly make it feel close to it. Does he do that?

If you answered yes to all of the above then you just might have found the man that will love you forever. If you said no to most of the questions it might be time to go out and find that man that is waiting for you.

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