10 Spectacular Images Which Expose Hidden Nuggets Of The Universe.

10 Spectacular Images Which Expose Hidden Nuggets Of The Universe. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Artist [Fabian Oefner](http://fabianoefner.com/) beautifully merges art and science in the following breathtaking psychedelic images. Originally presented in a [TED Talk](http://www.ted.com/talks/fabian_oefner_psychedelic_science), Oefner explains that *curiosity* is the most important aspect that allows him to gorgeously capture these dazzling combinations of science and design.This image illustrates the combustion of alcohol. A flame is stopped in time as it travels through a glass bottle, containing whiskey and oxygen. More starting at 7:39 in Oefner’s talk.

This is a visualization of sound. Colored crystals leap from the surface of a speaker as it emits sound waves. More starting at 2:13 in Oefner’s talk.

Ferrofluid is a magnetic, hydrophobic liquid that forms colorful curves and channels when deposited onto a magnet and injected with watercolor paints. More starting at 5:20 in Oefner’s talk.

Tiny individual droplets of a liquid mixed with spray paint hang in the air for a fraction of a second, forming a scent sculpture.

An unusual look at the properties of oil, as colorful marbles of oil paint float in a solution of water and methylated spirits.

An illustration of centrifugal force. Paint whirls outward from a metal rod attached to a spinning power drill.

A floating soap bubble is captured at the moment it bursts, and surface tension is broken.

This is a $10 illusion of the universe. The glowing ends of a fiberglass lamp are swirled to create a likeness of stars and galaxies using long exposure photography.

Light breaks at the grooves in the tracks of a vinyl record.

Powders can behave like fluids. Here, corn starch hangs in the air momentarily, retaining its shape, as the balloon surrounding it is popped.

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