10 Things To Consider BEFORE You Start To Smoke E-Cigarettes.

10 Things To Consider BEFORE You Start To Smoke E-Cigarettes. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It seems hard to believe that just five short years ago, cigarettes were far more present and accepted than they are now. Ten years ago, you could smoke in restaurants and bars. Thirty years ago, you could smoke basically anywhere you wanted. But time has proven cigarettes to be extraordinarily dangerous to our health and well-being, causing the laws to get more strict and smokers to grow more conscious. A large percentage of smokers have quit, while others have looked for different alternatives: Nicotine gum, patches, and now, e-cigarettes. But are e-cigarettes really any better than the tobacco cigarettes we’re used to? This post explores why some research suggest they’re not, and claims that e-cigs might be giving people breathing disorders like emphysema and COPD, and could possibly even be causing lung cancer. Just because it’s water vapor doesn’t mean it’s not harmful — learn more about why in the story below.E-cigarettes have created a billion dollar industry of battery-operated smoking devices, and many feel they’re a better alternative than smoking actual tobacco cigarettes.

It has a battery, a heating element, and cartridge. The cartridge holds a liquid mixture of nicotine and other flavoring.

But what’s the whole truth here?

Some of the facts on the image below might disturb you.

Inhaling a regular cigarette means that you’re inhaling a combustion of plant matter which releases several other chemicals including aldehydes, carbon monoxide, free radicals and heavy metals into the lungs.

When you vape, it all happens at a much lower temperature than combustion so it doesn’t release as many toxic chemicals into your body.

E-cigarette usage can still damage your lungs in more ways than one.

Over time, the particulates can cause inflammation in the lungs and eventually cause lung disease.

That could present long-term damage to the lungs as well, including severe difficulty while breathing. These diseases can also lead to death.

Only time will tell whether e-cigs will prove to be as damaging to your health as regular cigarettes — but hearing these disturbing facts does not bode well for the outcomes.

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