10 Ways To Know You’re In A Relationship With The Right Person.

10 Ways To Know You’re In A Relationship With The Right Person. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

We have all met those couples who inspire us to be better. The way they look and speak to each other leaves you wanting to follow them around so you can learn best practices and apply them to your own life. It’s not necessarily about the romantic dinners and adventurous trips that leave us in awe. It’s the everyday simple and trivial interaction that makes life for the two special. Without a strong foundation in the relationship, everything begins to fall apart and each one leads a separate lives. Strong couples know how to avoid that scenario. You may not realize you are the couple others look up to and emulate in their personal lives. You are probably too busy being in love to notice what an amazing union you have. Here is a list of 10 things you two are naturally doing that means you are meant to be.You tell your main man all the things you keep locked away in your heart and mind from everyone else.

You may be strong and intelligent. But you are just human and he is worthy to show him when you are feeling the most vulnerable and raw.

He is not perfect but his essence of a decent, compassionate, strong, and intelligent human being are one of the many qualities that make you love and respect him.

He may have an obsession with collecting die cast Star Wars figurine, loves playing video games, and may even be a clean freak. Sure, these eccentricities may drive you crazy sometimes but it’s also some of the qualities that make him pretty awesome.

It’s not just about the wedding day you think about. It’s the small things you imagine like making breakfast together, buying a house, and starting your own little family.

You may never agree 100 per cent but you know how to argue your point of view and know he will listen and respect your opinion.

It’s one thing to have a god sense of humour, it’s another when you make each other laugh to the point where your belly aches and you have tears streaming down your face.

You may have fallen for the guy who was not your usual type but together you make sense.

Neither of you have to say anything. You don’t need to talk to fill in space or time. You are both comfortable with the silence.

You don’t have to worry that he is going to judge you for liking the Housewives of New Jersey. He knows the vulnerable, sweet, strong, independent, and quirky you. Most importantly, he wouldn’t change you for the world.

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