11 Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do Now That She’s A Member Of The Royal Family.

11 Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do Now That She’s A Member Of The Royal Family. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There are a lot of things that American-born actress Meghan Markle won’t be able to do now that she’s a part of the Royal Family. For starters, she’s no longer an actress, but when you’re given the opportunity to marry Prince Harry and become a Royal Duchess, that just seems like a nice trade off, don’t you think? So, it seems like Markle and Prince Harry were meant to be. In 2016, she went on a date with him in a private room in London’s SoHo House. Not long after that, they went on a safari together, and eventually, their love grew and as of May 19, 2018, they’re husband and wife. But now that she’s royalty, Markle will have to stop herself from doing a few things…make that a lot of things!As an actress, you’re bound to accrue a couple of fans who will flag you down on the street and beg you to take a selfie with them. But now that she’s a Duchess, taking selfies isn’t possible, and you can thank the Queen for that because she’s not a fan of selfies.

She might have been used to going shopping all on her own when she was just an actress living in California, but as Prince Harry’s wife, she’ll never be able to be riding solo when she’s out and about.

As a Royal, there’s a right way to sit, and she’ll have to remember to keep her knees and her legs together while she’s sitting down. However, she can cross her ankles if she so chooses, but that’s about it.

The British monarchy forbids members of the Royal Family from signing autographs simply because they’re afraid that their autograph will pose a security breach. How you ask? Someone can learn how to forge Meghan Markle’s signature.

As a Duchess, she has to give up her career in acting, and if she ever feels bad about it, she can always take comfort in knowing that the late Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, couldn’t continue acting after she married Prince Rainier III either.

Polishing and buffing her nails is totally cool with the monarchy, but the rules state that she can only paint her nails a baby pink color or put nothing at all. So, any bold nail polish she might have been fond off in the past, will have to go to charity.

Short shorts, short dresses, or anything else that the Royal Family considers too revealing is forbidden. In fact, you might have noticed that her fashion style has started looking a lot more conservative ever since she initially got engaged to Prince Harry.

During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement photoshoot in November, many believed that Markle wasn’t adhering to the royal dress code by baring her legs. This is definitely something she can’t do now that she’s a duchess.

The risk of getting ill increases when someone eats shellfish and the Royal Family doesn’t want anyone taking that risk, so if Markle ever had a thing for lobsters, she’s simply going to have to get over those cravings.

Undoubtedly, Markle will officially become a British citizen, but this won’t give her the power to vote. But it’s not because she’s a foreigner. The Royal family prefers to stay neutral when it comes to political matters.

Sir William Heseltine, who was one of the Queen’s secretaries, told The Australian that no one can go to bed before the Queen does. But that didn’t stop the late Princess Diana from breaking this rule on several occasions. Who could blame her?

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