11-Year-Old Girl’s Inoperable Brain Tumor Disappears, Puzzles Doctors.

11-Year-Old Girl’s Inoperable Brain Tumor Disappears, Puzzles Doctors. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Developing a brain tumor at any age is tough. But when you’re an 11-year-old girl with her whole life ahead of her, the news can be devastating. That’s exactly how one Texas family felt when their daughter, Roxli Doss of Hays County, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. To make things worse, the doctors told Roxli’s parents that the tumor was inoperable. But then, something miraculous happened that no one, not even the doctors or the family, could have foreseen.Like most kids her age, she didn’t have a single worry in the world. Then, she began experiencing severe headaches, double vision, and nausea. So, her family rushed her to see a specialist and were heartbroken by the prognosis.

This tumor was rare, highly aggressive and extremely difficult to treat. But it had developed at the base of Roxli’s brain and doctors feared that her initial symptoms were only the beginning. Soon, other symptoms would follow.

Dr. Virginia Harrod, who was one of Roxli’s doctors at the Dell Children’s Medical Center, called the disease devastating. It would ultimately affect her ability to swallow, breathe, talk, and see.

Dr. Harrod knew that in spite of the treatment, Roxli’s condition was terminal. But the little girl’s family wasn’t about to give up. So, in 2018, the Doss family planned a benefit for their daughter in Buda, and community members showed up to give their support.

At this point, all they could do was hope for a miracle, which they desperately needed. And on September 10, 2018, something incredible happened. An MRI declared Roxli cancer-free.

Dr. Harrod couldn’t believe it and neither could other doctors from Austin, Houston, and Boston, who studied Roxli’s MRI scan and discussed the miraculous recovery. Roxli’s parents were happily shocked and were convinced that a higher power had a hand in saving their daughter.

She wrote: “To everyone Thank you. You were kind to me, You raised money for me, You prayed for me, And you healed me. You showed the world, not all heroes wear capes.” Now, she’s riding horses again and embracing life to the fullest.

Roxli is undergoing immunotherapy treatment to boost her immune system, so it can fight any stray cancer cells in her system. Doctors will continue to monitor and celebrate Roxli’s good health in the hopes that she will get to lead a normal cancer-free life.

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