12 Reasons Retail Workers Secretly Hate You… #4 Is Disgusting!

12 Reasons Retail Workers Secretly Hate You… #4 Is Disgusting! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Like all members of the customer service industry, retail workers have to put up with a lot of s**t. Somehow, they manage to get through their days with patience, kindness, and smiles on their faces — but there are some things you can do that will really make them angry. Below, we’ve outlined some advice for those of you who want to remain in good standing with their retail workers. Most of it is just common sense — but judging by the amount of times retail workers see the same thing, some people just don’t get it. Learn how to be your best shopping-self below.Retail workers are on their feet all day, making closing time a precious, precious thing. Anyone that waltzes into a store five minutes before closing and expects to be able to try on clothes and take their time will make an enemy with their retail worker.

Folding clothes perfectly take a lot of time. Don’t just jump in and trash the place, just because you can.

Retail workers have to set up and dress the mannequins, so they don’t appreciate when people feel entitled to move or undress them — and it happens more often than you’d think.

Bottom line: This is creepy and you shouldn’t do it.

You wouldn’t believe how nasty some of these rooms can get. Keep in mind that someone (a real live human being) has to clean them up, and try to stay as tidy as you can.

Most retail workers have the job they have because they DON’T want to be babysitters. Don’t make them do it while you’re shopping.

If you see a retail worker about to take a break, don’t riddle them with questions. They’re human, they’re hungry, and the polite thing to do is let them go and find someone else.

Retail workers often get trained in how to deal with this situation, meaning that they have to use a pre-written “customer service statement” if they see you do it. It’s not a good look, though.

This is just rude on a person-to-person level. P.S. The same thing applies to your waiter who is coming to take your food order.

Retail workers don’t make the rules of their stores’ sales, so don’t ask them to bend them. They have no power to do so, and it’s annoying to be asked a million times a day.

Their job is to help you, not hold your items in silent confusion while you waltz off to shop in a different part of the store.

Look, it happens to the best of us: No judgments. Just make sure you don’t make your retail worker swipe it a million times for the same result.

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