14 Bizarre Mysteries That Are Hopefully Nothing More Than A Weird Coincidence.

14 Bizarre Mysteries That Are Hopefully Nothing More Than A Weird Coincidence. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Strange things happen all the time, but usually, they go virtually unnoticed or don’t travel beyond the realm of the local nightly news. However, when you see these rare and unusual occurrences all together, you can’t help but wonder if there might be some kind of weird, otherworldly forces at play. After reading this list of 15 strange events from around the world, what do you think?It looked like the sky and sea were reversed when these rare clouds formed over South Carolina and Georgia. They look like rolling waves, and their formation is known as “undulatus asperatus,” or agitated wave.

Lampreys are terrifying: They can grow up to 15 inches long, and they have a round mouth filled with small, sharp teeth. Understandably, residents were scared when they began falling out of the sky, but experts think it’s the work of seagulls who picked them up from the beach and decided they were finished eating them.

It looked pretty crazy, but this was actually kind of a normal occurrence: The squat lobster usually end up onshore during an El Nino when water temperatures get warm.

They may look stunning, but experts believe that the presence of these mussels might indicate a red algae bloom. Though many South Africans might have been contemplating moules and frites, experts also advised against eating them.

Experts are blaming a blue-green algae bloom, and the county has issued warnings against people swimming in or eating fish from the lake.

Parts of Sydney, Australia basically shut down when this massive hail began to rain down. Local residents say that many homes and businesess were severely damaged in the storm.

There were huge storms in the UK, and during the storms this face appeared in a massive crashing wave. Many people believe that this is the face of God himself – can you spot it, just slightly left of center?

These types of storms are known as “space weather.” This means that energy blasting off the sun interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere and geomagnetic field, causing intense colors and vibrations in the sky.

It was a normal day when these birds fell from the sky in dozens. According to experts, this can happen when birds get soaked in a rainstorm and then hit a cold front, or if there’s a loud boom in the sky that literally frightens them to death.

After an investigation, the Idaho Fish and Game concluded that the 2,000 snow geese had avian cholera. They were probably coming down to land when the illness caused their untimely, dramatic deaths.

This weather phenomena happened last week, when this cloud appeared over the rainbow-colored skies of Melbourne. It’s called a “fallstreak hole” which occurs when the temperature of water drops below zero degrees Celsius, but the water fails to freeze.

80 volunteers came to Farewell Spit, New Zealand to help push the whales back out to the sea. Unfortunately, two dozen of them were already dead.

More than 1,500 starving sea lion pups have washed ashore on the California coast this year. Most of them were ill or near-death, and animal rescuers fear that global warming may be to blame.

#14. **Strange trumpet sounds came from the sky in Germany.** Over the last 10 years, people have recorded and filmed a strange and unsettling trumpet sound coming from the say. Don’t believe it? Check out the mysterious video below.

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