14 Reasons We’re Madly In Love With Analicia Chaves.

14 Reasons We’re Madly In Love With Analicia Chaves. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Analicia Chaves is a model that also goes by the name of Ana Montana. She was on “America’s Next Top Model” and she has been in several music videos. With each passing day, her popularity is growing and it won’t be long before she is a household name. She became known to the world when she was spotted on the arm of Real Madrid soccer player Karim Benzema. Since then she has been in several hip hop videos with Flo Rida and Rick Ross among others. While Analicia has an exotic look, she is actually from New Bedford, Massachusetts and she graduated from Bedford High School in 2008. It is reported that she was born in 1987 which would put her at 28 or 29 years old but some reports have her as young as 26. As popular as she is there really isn’t that much information available on her. The 5 foot 7 inch beauty has an Instagram account that has a ton of followers and every time she puts up new pics that number goes up. It was that Instagram account that brought her fame just by posting one picture with her boyfriend Benzema. That’s all it took for a new star to be brought into the public eye.One look at this pic and you can see why Analicia is getting worldwide attention!

You know it would be a great night if this face and body was hopping into your car!

Can you say perfection?

You have to admit that her parents made one beautiful specimen of a woman!

Isn’t that an awesome Ferrari? Did you even notice it?

Analicia isn’t all business all of the time. She needs to take a break in the pool and cool off sometimes. And not many are complaining!

She has been in several hip hop videos and you can clearly see why!

While still fairly new to the game, Analicia is getting more popular with every passing day. With shots like this one her numbers will only rise. Along with a few other things!

She can even make the dreaded bathroom selfie look awesome!

Take one look at this picture and tell me it isn’t!

Who wouldn’t love to see her wearing this on the beach??

Analicia’s Instagram account is loaded with sexy photos like this one!

One look at this pic puts a lot of thoughts into your mind doesn’t it?

Any man that comes across her path will do a double take. They can’t help it. Just look at her!

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