15 Art History Memes That Prove Nothing Has Changed Over The Centuries.

15 Art History Memes That Prove Nothing Has Changed Over The Centuries. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

The intent behind art is to portray emotions and human experiences in a way reality just can’t. The following pictures give us a great reminder that no matter how far we’ve come in time, we’re still experiencing the same things that people were 400 years ago.

Looks like this woman was taken on a trip she was not expecting. But, seriously, if the term “stoned” meant what it means today we can bet that things would have turned out much differently. Maybe there would have been fewer crusades, fewer executions, and the paintings would show some humor. The next time you find yourself talking to that cousin you don’t like, remember that things could always be worse.

Seems like these ladies are involved in a serious conversation. But considering women weren’t allowed to learn or do pretty much anything, the conversation couldn’t have been that interesting. How good could it have been when they talked about the same thing every day? This next picture is exactly why you don’t complain in front of your grandparents.

Most of us have heard our grandparents say something like “when I was your age, I had to walk ten miles in the snow to get to school. You spoiled little brat.” This picture describes that sentiment perfectly. It looks like grandparents haven’t changed over the years. Imagine what it would be like if Napoleon got blown off by a girl.

We all know how horrible it feels to get dissed by someone. It especially sucks when you’re young. It makes you feel like sitting at home all day thinking about your life. But at least you get some good self-examination out of it. There are few things that are more embarrassing than old posts on social media.

Remember how cool you thought it was to post drunken selfies online for all of your Facebook friends after a night of partying in your dorm room? Oh, you forgot? No need to worry. Facebook keeps great records of all of that embarrassing stuff. Maybe this next photo will remind you to always delete photos that can incriminate you.

The first rule of having a smartphone is not allowing your parents to look at your photos. You normally follow that rule, but you took such a funny picture of your cat, and now they’re swiping along. Get ready to be in trouble because nothing will ever be the same. If you have a dog, this next meme is pretty relatable.

We all know this struggle. Your dog is suddenly munching on an unknown floor object, and you’re running over to him to fight him for the thing about to be in his stomach. And, of course, you’re too late. Your dog, also known as your vacuum cleaner, already swallowed it. Unless you mean it, never say “Netflix and Chill.”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know exactly what “Netflix and Chill” means. It’s kind of off putting, though, when you go to a guy’s house and he skips the Netflix and heads for the chill. He could at least be courteous enough to put on some Planet Earth so you can both enjoy the soothing voice of David Attenborough. This next picture is exactly how you pick yourself up when you’re feeling down.

You could definitely try to argue that this is a portrayal of the Shroud of Turin, even though it was apparently wrapped around Jesus after the crucifixion but the picture showed up after Resurrection. But we like to think that Jesus had a huge following, so this business woman decided to put his face on a t-shirt and prophet off of his devoted followers. If you want to get out alive scroll past the next picture.

Oh, you’ve guessed the biggest female secret of all time. Now that they’ve been caught, women will have to find another place to pay homage to their Dark Lord while remaining inconspicuous. But before they leave, why don’t you try their delicious concoctions? No, they don’t have poison in them. This next picture is exactly why we need smart homes.

This is exactly how it feels when you’re the only one in your home that knows how to use any of the household appliances, but you also have other things that need to be done. And, of course, when the bills come in, you’ll be the one to blame for using the electricity. Time to find a new place, or roommates that know where the dishwasher is. If you’re really hungry don’t go to a restaurant like this.

There are some restaurants out there that have menus that look more like a magazine. They’re also the ones that also have a huge list of specials for the waiters to repeat constantly. It can be annoying, but if their food is worth it, you’ll listen to every single word that they have to say. The next image will make you question how you ever graduated from college.

This is exactly what happens when you spend a night doing shots, even though you have a class a 7 am the next morning. You would stumble across the campus, trying to find your classroom. You’d fall asleep in the middle of class and when you woke up you would realize you were in the wrong building entirely. Don’t let your kids suffer through something like this.

If you have older siblings you truly understand the struggle. You’re always the one picked to be the guinea pig for new schemes and the target for new Nerf guns. If you made it out of childhood with no missing limbs, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. We all have that one friend that we always invite to board game night even though they’re horrible at it.

What’s even the point? Everyone knows exactly how this game is going to turn out. One person is going to hustle all of the properties. Another person is going to accuse them of cheating. And the other one just leaves the table to go watch Netflix because they have no time to deal with Monopoly drama.

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