15 Bizarre Supermarket Photos That Require An Explanation.

15 Bizarre Supermarket Photos That Require An Explanation. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

If you think about it, supermarkets are truly mundane. But you probably would’ve never imagined just what a comedy goldmine it can be if you just look around at your fellow shoppers. After all, there’s a reason why the famous blog, “People of Walmart” became such a big hit.

Way Too Close There’s two possible ways to explain this pic. Either this lady is totally blind and had to climb inside the display and she has to get really close to the products to find what she’s looking for, or she just wanted to show her amazing legs. Are your kids hyperactive? Then you probably relate to this poor guy…

This poor guy looks like he’s made peace with being the parent of his demon of a kid, and has accepted the life of misery that comes with it. Say what you want, but that boy getting dragged around the supermarket like that is a much better option than him running around, breaking everything he gets his hands on. If you own a circus and are currently looking for a contortionist, then let us introduce you to this girl.

It’s obvious that the store attendants just happened to be bored on a slow day at the supermarket, and decided to spice up an otherwise boring day. But we need to give credit where credit is due: this woman has some mind-blowing contortionist skills. She should really consider applying to Cirque-du-Soleil! Ever wondered what a Pokeball and a Raccoon Mario hybrid looks like?

Who doesn’t love to see people show up at the supermarket wearing a costume? But we’re not only talking about children getting dressed up for Halloween. Random adults sometimes love to pop up occasionally, wearing an eye-catching costume such as this fox carrying a fox plushie. You just never know when you might stumble upon a talent scout who’s looking for the next top model, but you better be ready like this girl was.

Pretty much everyone wears the same tired old clothes to the supermarket: sneakers, baseball hats, and cozy sweatpants, but not this girl. She looks flawless, from head to toe, and it doesn’t really matter if she’s just buying a bag of Doritos. Oh no! The ultimate relationship goal is about to pop, get ready!

This is what true love looks like, two elders playing around with supermarket shopping carts like little kids. Let’s just hope they have good health insurance to cover their shenanigans. Those bones are not as strong as they used to be, and shopping carts can easily lead to accidents. Would you dare to go out in public in your favorite food costume?

While the taco costume is undeniably amazing, it’s not the only thing that’s drawing attention. If you look closely, you can see a taco-making kit inside the shopping cart. So she’s a taco who’s craving tacos. So cannibalistic! Check out the next photo. It’ll completely change your mind about PDA.

We’re just not going to try to guess what’s going on here. There’s no way we can explain this image, other than perhaps, one shopping is claiming they can jump super high, but his friend didn’t really believe him. Now he’s trying to prove him wrong by jumping over the kissing couple who were clearly too busy to notice anything other than each other. Have you ever seen a celebrity at the supermarket?

Believe it or not, some celebrities buy their own groceries, so it’s not that shocking when you stumble upon them at a supermarket, particularly if you live in LA or NY. Some stars, like Ashlee Simpson, get camera-shy, but others like Rose Byrne totally love getting photographed, and even make chipmunk faces for their fans. Trust me, you’ll never be such an amazing uncle like the next guy.

Ready for a heartwarming story that’ll melt your heart? This gorgeous little girl wanted to dress in a princess outfit but she was too shy to do it alone. So her amazing uncle put on a princess costume too, and he looks positively flawless. This next pic will probably piss you off that they didn’t allow your teacup Chihuahua at the mall that one time.

Ugh! So many questions! First of all, how was this woman able to get three cats inside a baby carriage, without them jumping off, scared out of their minds? And why does she even need to shop for groceries with all of her cats? Are you a shortie? Then fair warning, the next photo might trigger you.

Hum, who hasn’t done this before? We have and we’re certainly not ashamed of it. It kind of feels like supermarkets weren’t designed for short folks. Seriously, Walmart, who needs to stock so many of the same product? Just make some space at the bottom of the shelves for us shorties! The next photo features a woman who’s got the same issue, but somehow, you won’t feel bad for her.

Miracles sometimes happen to those who were least expecting them. Just check out this lady who appears to be disabled, but seems to be fit enough to stand on her wheelchair. All in the name of grabbing her beverage of choice. Are you looking for a hair makeover? Get inspiration from your nearest K-Mart.

No one would expect a supermarket clerk to be this crazy about fashion, but here you go. With an extravagant, fashion-forward hairstyle, she clearly stands out. We’re loving the attitude too. She’s so casual, even though she might be starting a new trend. But does she care? Nope. There are no excuses to do what the next woman did, unless you have narcolepsy.

What do you think happened that caused this woman to be so tired, that she had to put everything down right in the middle of an aisle, and lay there for a quick nap? It kind of looks like this isn’t the first time she’s done it either, as she was clever enough to use her purse as a pillow and a scarf as a blanket.

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