15 Cruel Pets Who Stole Their Owner’s Partner.

15 Cruel Pets Who Stole Their Owner’s Partner. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Pets aren’t just animals, they’re family. But what do you do when your pet tries stealing your partner, and breaks your family apart? That’s the problem these people ran into when they caught their sneaky pets red-handed.

Prairie dogs aren’t your typical house pet, but according to this picture, they adapt pretty well. It also probably helps that he fell in love with his owner’s girlfriend. But at least he’s not using his eyes to threaten the owner, like the cat in the next photo.

You can see in this cat’s stare that she will fight anyone that messes with her fella. Considering the fact that he’s her owner’s husband, makes it a bit more awkward. We can’t tell which is worse, this cat’s stare, or the dirty looks this next dog gives.

It’s obvious that Ruby also has no problem threatening those that try to take “her man.” That side glare of hers is ridiculous! The next step is taking cute selfies with her new boyfriend, just like this next pet.

This guy seems to be one in the same with his cat. Their facial expressions are even the same! So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that his girlfriend is starting to question their relationship. She better keep on looking into things if she doesn’t want to lose her spot in the bed, like the next woman.

There’s no shame in her game. She not only kicked her owner out of bed, she has no problem defending her new territory by showing her teeth. Honey, you better just cut your losses and move on, just like the next girl.

Such a sneaky little girl. You could give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she’s just trying to keep warm. But, come on, we all know she was waiting for her mother to leave. That’s definitely a bad sign. Loving stares between your boyfriend and your pet are another bad sign.

Some people may look at this and think that it’s cute, but we know better. Has he ever looked at his girlfriend the way he looks at her cat? We bet the answer is no. At least the next woman has absolutely no problem seeing the truth.

It’s obvious in the dog’s expression that she is head over paws in love. And look at the way she’s holding on as if she’s never letting go. If her owner ever gets in the way, the next dog can tell exactly how to eliminate the problem.

This dog doesn’t seem to have a problem telling her owner’s girlfriend exactly how she feels about her. And it seems like the woman’s dog has an opinion about it, too. But at least she didn’t catch them cheating…

Yes, it certainly looks like she walked in on something. It’s that time to just pack your bags and move out. Your man has been stolen and there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s nothing the next person can do about it, either.

Wow, it looks like she has mastered that side glare. This dog has probably had a lot of practice at kicking girls out of her owner’s life. She will not share his love. But, at least they’re not waking up to the mean mug this next dog has obviously perfected.

It appears like he’s the third wheel in this relationship. If dogs could talk we’re sure that he’d be telling his owner to go play some video games, or something. We’re not sure what’s worse though. This dog, or the arrogant look on the next dog’s face.

The smug look on this pup’s face is undeniable. The paw draped over his chest is a clear indication that she has established possession. It’s as if she knows that if he had to choose, he’d choose her, hands down. It looks like this next dog feels the same exact way.

The look on this dog’s face is a clear challenge to his owner. It looks like he’s daring him to try to take her from him. He should just back off now and let him have her. The cat in our last photo looks like she’s trying to figure out how to boot her owner out of the picture.

This cat certainly has found her happy place in the lap of her owner’s boyfriend. It looks like they’re absolutely meant to be together, so her owner should honestly just get of their way and let them be happy together in peace.

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