15 Early Warning Signs Of A Dying Relationship.

15 Early Warning Signs Of A Dying Relationship. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

You’re officially calling your relationship long-term, which means you’re in it for the long haul. But when you first notice a few cracks in the foundation of your relationship, you tell yourself that you’re going through a rough patch. This lie will only hurt you, so you need to be okay with accepting the fact that some relationships have no future. And in case you need help, here are a few warning signs.

When you first started out, you couldn’t be apart from each other. Naturally, that urge to be with someone every single moment of the day will diminish, which is why spending some time apart isn’t too bad. But when you make plans with others just to have an excuse not to spent time with your SO, and the thought of date night makes you cringe, there’s something seriously wrong there. Want another sign? You don’t communicate.

Communication is vital in a healthy relationship. When you talk, you can overcome just about any relationship issue that comes up, even infidelity. But your relationship will take a dive the moment you stop communicating with one another. If you start to feel as though talking to your partner is impossible, then you need to ask yourself whether being together is a good idea. Another red flag is when you do talk but you aren’t very supportive of one another.

Everyone needs somebody to cheer us on as we try to accomplish our dreams because determination alone just isn’t enough. When we go through a difficult time, we need someone to give us that boost of confidence. But if the person you’re with doesn’t have any faith in you, or they find ways to discourage you from accomplishing your goals, then that relationship is destined to fail. Your relationship won’t survive either if you let yourself go.

It’s true that a healthy relationship involves being with someone that loves you for who you are. However, that’s not a reason to neglect the way you look. Now, you don’t have to dress up all fancy or put makeup on just for them. But you should still do things that will make them physically attracted to you. If you don’t care how your SO sees you and you let yourself go, then that’s an issue. You may have a problem if you take different paths too.

It’s okay if your partner doesn’t have the same interests that you do, but when it comes to life-related goals, they need to be on par with yours. After all, you are charting a course towards a future together. If they’re veering off that path, then it’s only a matter of time before you break up. A lack of sexual intimacy can cause negative side effects.

The initial spark you felt for your partner when you first met won’t always be there. As a result, you’ll wind up having infrequent intimate sessions, particularly when things in the bedroom become predictable. But the key to a healthy relationship is intimacy. If you’re avoiding intercourse with your partner and no longer feel any lust towards them, then you need to reconsider your relationship. Want to know what luxury you don’t have? Denial.

This goes beyond a lack of communication. This happens when you avoid an issue in your relationship, even though it’s staring you right in the face. It might be easier to pretend as though there’s nothing wrong. But these problems will continue to grow, and by the time you’re forced to deal with them, it could be too late. You may not be able to fix things if you don’t compromise either.

All couples will argue, but if the same issues keep resurfacing, then neither one of you is doing anything to solve them. It’s impossible to grow as a couple and live happily ever after if there are issues, and neither one of you is willing to reach a compromise in order to settle them. This will stall your relationship and eventually you won’t be able to fix anything. But abuse in a relationship is not something you can’t move beyond.

You can argue with your partner just as long as you don’t disrespect them. You can discuss things you disagree on, or you can agree to disagree without calling them names or bullying them. If you choose the latter, you’re becoming emotionally and verbally abusive, and there’s no way to move past that. If you do recover, the relationship won’t be the same.

Teenagers can break up and get back together after a day or two. But in an adult relationship, this type of behavior won’t work. When you break up with someone in the heat of the moment and then change your mind, you’re going to break up for good eventually. Think about it, whatever made you want to break up before is still there and will come back to haunt you. But there are other ways to reach the point of no return.

You don’t get a break when it comes to maintaining and improving your relationship, so you have to show your partner that you love them all the time. If you or your significant other start to feel as though you don’t appreciate or notice one another, you’ll just give up trying, and eventually your relationship will come crumbling down. Your relationship will also hit a snag if you hide things from one another.

Secrets are a huge warning sign that your relationship is in danger. It suggests you don’t trust each other, and that there are things in your life that you want to keep hidden from your SO. It also proves that you’re extremely unsatisfied and may have found someone who can meet the needs that your partner doesn’t. In that case, you should break up. But if you’re not cheating with someone, you’re probably thinking about it.

It’s not uncommon for people to get high school crushes on others. Just make sure you’re still invested in your partner and don’t act on your fantasy. But if all you do is daydream about a different life in which you’re happy with another person, then you need to give yourself a reality check because the person you’re with isn’t making you happy. The path to infidelity inches closer when you’re not happy.

Cheating on your partner is the worst thing you can do. You not only break their trust but their heart too. Now in most cases, cheating is like the final nail in the coffin for a relationship, but the issues that forced you to cheat are the true cause for this heartbreaking downfall. So there’s really very little chance of saving a relationship once you’ve reached this point. The only thing worse would be if you don’t care anymore.

Apathy is synonymous with a lack of interest and enthusiasm, and is essentially a key ingredient in anti-love. So when your partner does something that should make you scream with anger or cry with sadness, but all you do is shrug your shoulder as if it were nothing, then you’ve reached the end of your relationship. In this instance, you might as well look for a new love interest.

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