15 Grannies Having More Way Fun Than You.

15 Grannies Having More Way Fun Than You. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Are your grandparents guilty of saying, or doing, things that make you groan a little? Of course, they have. We love them, but sometimes grandparents tend to do some silly things. They’re really good at two things: making us laugh and making things awkward. We’ve got a little of both for you. We’ve got grandparents who like to get down and party, and some that just need to sleep it off. You’ll probably guess which category our first grandma falls into immediately.

Get it, Grandma! You’re never too old to take a couple of shots with your girlfriends! We could all take a page out of this grandma’s book of life! Most grandma’s hang around some pretty boring people, but this one knows how to pick out her friends. Give it a few hours though, and this grandma might look like the next on on our list!

Grandma found this picture on her camera the morning after a New Year’s Eve cruise. Usually, no one talks about what happens on a cruise, but it’s hard to do that when there’s photographic proof. Nice tops, boys! We love the grandma’s expression, too! Everyone deserves to get a bit crazy for New Year’s, you know? Unlike the next grandma, at least she has an excuse for a picture like this.

Get me a drink, bartender! Wait, you don’t work here? It looks like she’s in a hip, new bar that’s actually in a gym. There’s movie theaters like that, too! It was this grandma’s 99th birthday at the time this was taken. But don’t you think she’s not getting her work-out on. She’s working the green squeezy ball! Those fingers need to be kept in shape. How do you expect her to text the next grandma if she doesn’t exercise those digits?

Grandma’s don’t play. You know that there’s no way you’re getting away with disrespecting your grandma. She’s clever now, but the granddaughter won’t be laughing when she’s broke. Payback is truly a nice thing to see, especially when you can give it from the grave. At least her texting game seems to be on point. Now for the next one, we’re not so sure about their texting skills.

It’s kind of hard to make fun of this grandpa. This one is really a common sense thing. To make a case for him, it’s true that he comes from the time of landline phones and you couldn’t get an incoming number with one of those. It would appear that grandpa wasn’t losing his mind, after all. At least he’s just a little technologically slow and not about to get eaten.

Well, it’s not Photoshopped, at all. Just a normal grandpa getting some nature action. Typically, momma black bears aren’t aggressive, unless her cubs are near her. Hopefully, grandpa understands that, or he may just be going senile. Or maybe he’s just wishing for death to come. He could be blind, as well. It honestly doesn’t matter. He’s just unbelievably braver than most. This next grandpa hasn’t let age take away his love of pranks.

It looks like this grandpa enjoys tormenting his wife a little. When you’ve been together this long it’s important to keep the humor alive. His wife was getting on and off the scale, unable to figure out why it wasn’t working. She was pretty sure she didn’t weigh 260 pounds! Every time she stood on the scale, grandpa would quietly get on the scale with her. He played this trick on her for seven minutes! Way to go grandpa! This next grandpa is a bit of a rebel, too!

Hopefully, he didn’t have to pay for this class. When you’re this age, you’ve got plenty of time to smell the flowers, but you’ve got no time to paint them. Maybe he’s protesting the flower in general. Well, he did put a tiny flower on there, at least. The keyword in that being tiny. He’ll need to ask the next grandma for some assistance if he wants to show off his piece of art.

She also knows about viral pictures and that this one was heading in that direction. Honestly, the grandma might actually be all the way zoomed in. Maybe her eyes are just that bad. Regardless of that, this picture belongs in the technology fails hall-of-fame. It seems to be a trend that grandparents have a hard time when it comes to technology.

This grandma is taking tech ignorance to an entirely whole new level. And we thank her for the laughs. She did a fantastic job making the selfies. Grandma pressed all the right buttons and took all the right pics. But she did one thing that has us cracking up. She printed the photos and mailed them! Nope, not email and not Facebook either. The next granny has the opposite problem.

Hey, Beyonce! Did this grandma find that shirt at a thrift store or is she a really big Beyonce fan? As long as she’s smiling like that, it doesn’t matter where she got the phone from. We can see one thing, she listened to Beyonce until her phone was butter because those beats are so smooth. Grandma could also just be super environmentally conscious and wants to recycle things. Regardless, she’ll probably be BFF’s with our next grandma.

Hey boy, hey! Looking gooood! This grandma needed a new profile picture, so she decided to just act natural and her personality would shine right through. It looks like she may need a break from hanging out with the Beyonce grandma. Or maybe she’s just hip on her own. She does have a picture of Einstein being sexy. Wait a minute, is that her car on the next slide, too? It wouldn’t surprise us if it was.

The moment you get your first car you want to call your grandma to tell her all about it. She offers to help fix it up for you and that’s when this happens. Your new car has been crocheted. All the guys are laughing at you even though they know you can’t hurt your grandma’s feelings. But you’ll still leave it there because you love your grandma. Grandparents have to put up with their grandkids, as well. Especially the next ones.

The little one has decided that her grandpa has been naughty and deserves the stickers of shame. He seems to be a bit upset by her choice. Or maybe the sticker is hiding his smile. Or maybe this is something that has happened more than once. He seems to be pretty used to his granddaughter’s sticker antics. The next grandpa was at least asked nicely to join in on his grandchildren’s dress-up game.

When the grandpa was invited to a medieval-themed wedding party, he knew he had to go all out for the occasion. The only way this could’ve gone any better was if he used a real horse, instead. Well, maybe that’s too easy. He looks like he probably enjoyed building that horse. Such a valiant steed it is indeed. The good part about this is the time saved using a portable urinal right there instead of trying to take it all off.

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