15 Of The Most Unusual Jobs In The World.

15 Of The Most Unusual Jobs In The World. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Too many people in this world hate their job, but it’s understandable. Who wants to sit at a desk for eight hours a day pounding on a keyboard? Fortunately, not all jobs are that boring. So, if you happen to be looking for a new, exciting line of work, your search starts here!

When you first look, you may think this is just a modeling job. But the job of being a professional mermaid is more than just looking good. Not only do they have to learn to swim wearing their tails, they have to learn to hold their breath for long periods of time. Sometimes, they have to swim alongside jellyfish and even sharks! Did you ever play Statues as a child? Well, this next job might be right up your alley.

Since online shopping has become the new way to buy things, stores have had a hard time getting people in their doors. Some clothing stores have become extremely creative in getting people to shop in person, instead of online. They’ve started having real people pose as mannequins! If you’re good at sitting still and dealing with discomfort, this job would be perfect for you!

Furniture testers have found the perfect job! They get paid to sit or lay down on beds, couches, and other furniture products to make sure that they are comfortable. Sometimes, while testing beds, they may even get to sleep on the clock since manufacturers have to make sure their products are comfortable enough to sleep on. This next job may also require a bed…

If you’re a prude, this job isn’t for you. Just like products in other industries, adult toys need to be tested for quality, too. That’s where you would come in. Companies would send you their items, and then you would test them. After you’re done, you would rate them for ‘fulfillment’ using a company provided scale. The next time you’re stuck in an elevator with a lot of people, you’ll have these guys to thank.

Deodorant companies employ “armpit sniffers” to test the efficiency of their products on subjects that have spent some time working up a sweat. Sometimes these people are sniffing up to 60 armpits in an hour! But, thanks to them, we don’t have to deal with people that are smelling a bit ripe. This new line of work might be able to help you on those lonely nights.

In a world that’s very tech-driven, people tend to get a bit lonely. And sometimes people just crave human touch, without the sexual acts that may come with it. Well, now there are people that can provide the perfect service. Professional cuddlers come to your house and give you the contact that you desire. The golden rule: no sexual contact, at all. This next job also requires a lot of touching.

Facial products that allow you to have smooth, soft skin are huge sellers. So, beauty companies now employ “face feelers” to get the job done right. These people are employed to touch subject’s skin before, and after, they’ve applied the product. Since this job requires skill, not everyone can do it. This next job might not be for you, unless your palate can handle anything.

Game shows, like Fear Factor, sometimes make contestants eat nasty things, it’s what attracts people to watch. Since these things are not usually something humans eat, producers have to make sure they’re safe to consume. So, they hire stunt testers to eat bugs and other unpleasant things. Eating these things can be a health hazard, so they are well compensated for their risk. Have you ever asked yourself where bait shops get their merchandise from?

If you’re an avid fisherman, you know that using live bait is the best. Thankfully, there is an incredible amount of bait shops that have the perfect worms you’re looking for. Bait shops pay worm pickers to walk around gardens, and other grassy areas after dark, to find worms wriggling at the surface. If you don’t like being outdoors maybe this next job is more your speed.

One of the purest forms of art is the canvas of the human body. While learning how to draw, or paint, looking at a photograph isn’t the easiest thing to do. So, art schools will employ models to pose nude for their students. You don’t have to have a perfect body to get this job done. Just a lot of confidence, and the endurance to sit still. Do you have a diving certificate? Then this next job’s for you.

If you’ve ever been golfing, you know that courses are full of ponds and sand traps. So many balls fly into them, it’s surprising that they don’t overflow. Divers are employed to go into the ponds to get the balls. If you’re not afraid of dirty water, algae, or snakes then this job is a perfect fit for you! In order to prepare for this next job, you might want to sample some of your dog’s food.

If you’ve ever eaten dog food, you know that it’s not exactly the tastiest thing. But, if it pays well enough, people have no problem eating it. Products have to be tested for texture, consistency, and flavor, according to the dog palate. So, if your dog is happy and well-fed, you know who to thank! This next job doesn’t require a tongue, but your nose will be put to work.

When it comes to people’s noses, you can’t be too careful with what products to use. Paper towel sniffers are paid to smell tissues and other products to make sure the odor is pleasant enough for sensitive noses. Since it pays pretty well, there’s always a line on the waiting list. Like most people, you probably hate waiting in lines. Now, there are people that can save you from doing it.

Whether it’s a movie collectible or that new iPhone, people spend countless hours of time waiting in lines to obtain these things. Certainly no one likes waiting in lines, but for the right price, people have no problem doing it. Have you ever gone down a water slide and gotten stuck half-way down? Well, these people make sure that that never happens.

Water slides take lots of physics and engineering to build, but like many things, it takes some testing in order to perfect them. Water slide testers are hired to ensure that slides have enough water, don’t make people go too fast, and are just generally safe to ride. So, the next time you’re flying down a water slide, you know exactly who to thank.

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