15 Rare Historical Photos That You Won’t Find In History Books.

15 Rare Historical Photos That You Won’t Find In History Books. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Even though history can definitely be an exciting subject to learn, there are some people who find it boring because of the way it’s taught. The photos you’ll soon see are so strange and rare, that they’re sure to spark an interest in you to go out and learn about these periods of time and the people who lived in them.

Many people migrated to the western United States during the 19th century in hopes of finding new opportunities and fortune. But because it was uncharted territory, it was a very dangerous situation. There were very few women that felt that they were able to handle the wild west, so more often than not, men would advertise their need for wives to settle with. Have you ever thought about how rich people kept in shape during the turn of the century?

The Titanic is such a popular subject that it would seem like we know all about it. But did you know that there were gym facilities for the passengers in first-class? The ship had state-of-the-art equipment, including electric horses, parallel bars, rowing machines, and static bicycles. We’re willing to bet that you’ve never seen this historical figure quite like this.

This rare photo is of the heinous German dictator, Adolf Hitler, smiling while enjoying the tea he’s having with Gertrud Deetz, the wife of Nazi politician Albert Forster. The photo was taken in 1937, during the time when Germany was controlled by the Nazi party and the Anti-Comintern Pact was signed with Italy and Japan. It may be hard to sneak a camera into a concert these days, but imagine doing it in the 1930s.

It’s a longstanding tradition that cameras are not allowed into sessions of the United States Supreme Court. A brave woman snuck a camera in her purse, using a hole to make room for the lens, during a session in 1937. The next picture is proof of the great lengths people went to so they could be safe in WWII.

Chemical attacks during World War II were a serious concern for not only soldiers, but for people in cities like London. The government constantly conducted tear gas drills to residents could be prepared, and they also issued gas masks to every citizen. This baby stroller was made to keep babies safe just in case there was ever a chemical attack. This next figure will inspire you if you ever feel like a failure.

Maurice Tillet was 20-years-old when he began to experience swelling of his hands, feet, and head. The swelling was a result of a disorder called acromegaly. He wasn’t able to fulfill his dreams of being a lawyer, so he turned to professional wrestling. During the 1940s, Tillet was huge in the box office and received international recognition. Here you can see him with model Dorian Leigh. When you were a little kid, what did you like to dress up as?

Even though the Cold War brought about lots of fear, it was also the beginning of the space age. Millions of kids became excited with dreams of becoming an astronaut and visiting space like Neil Armstrong. This photo is of two boys on a trip to the planetarium, wearing space helmets, in Fort Worth, Texas. There are few cars with a history like this one.

In order to replace the Porsche 356, the Porsche 911 was created in the 1960s. Throughout the car’s 26-year long career, it achieved legendary status and became known as the most successful competition car ever. Your family might have photos like this one if they fought in Vietnam.

The U.S. Senior Naval Advisory Unit took this rare photo in Vietnam during the 1970s. Popular singer and actress, Chris Noel, was photographed with the troops. Officer Steve Loomis took this picture. After Loomis got out of the military, he became a professional photographer. Do you recognize this next person?

Rolling Stone magazine wrote an article about people finding love at fitness clubs during the 1980s. Director James Bridges decided that he wanted to make a film about it, using Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta as the lead characters. The movie didn’t do so hot, but Jamie Lee Curtis and her pink leotard sure did. The next picture is of a real-life Snow White.

Audrey Hepburn starred in Green Mansions, a romantic movie that takes place in the jungle of Venezuela, in 1959. The character Audrey plays has several interactions with forest creatures, like a baby deer. The animal trained allowed her to take the baby deer home so that it would trust her, and Audrey actually ended up adopting her. The deer was named Pippa and she went everywhere with Audrey, including the supermarket. Did you think he was like this?

Quandt, a German company, made and sold an amphibious car, known as the “Amphicar,”during the 1960s. President Lyndon B. Johnson proudly owned a blue Amphicar and enjoyed pranking people, before they knew it could float, by pretending that he was going to sink the car. Check out some VR glasses from the 1960s.

Hugo Gernsback was a publisher of a sci-fi magazine and he was also an inventor. One of his many inventions was the “television eyeglasses,” which allowed viewers to watch TV on the go. Gernsback thought of the idea in 1936, but he didn’t actually make the prototypes until 1963. What happens when you mix jazz and pharaohs?

One of the most influential jazz figures in America was Louis Armstrong. During the 1960s, Armstrong was asked to tour the world in order to promote the culture of America by the State Department. While he stopped in Egypt, he was photographed serenading his wife with a backdrop of the Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza. Remember to be polite to the royal guards if you ever visit London.

Members of the royal guard are known for being extremely disciplined. But like any other human, their bodies can be taken down by the elements. In 1970, a guard fainted during a Trooping the Color ceremony, which is held in the honor of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. But that’s small in comparison when you think about the five soldiers that passed out during the ceremony in 2017.

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