15 Silly Photos That Prove Men Are Just Giant Kids.

15 Silly Photos That Prove Men Are Just Giant Kids. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

When you’re an adult, you have to do all kinds of things that are considered “responsible” but aren’t really much fun. But just because you’re growing older it doesn’t mean you have to grow up. Take this guy for an example. He had a layover at an airport for 12 hours. But did he go to the bar to get drunk? Did he run around yelling at the airport staff? Nope, he sure didn’t. He decided to hang out with a bunch of kids at a Pixar movie marathon. And he’s certainly not alone in feeling those childlike vibes.

When you’re shopping at Home Depot, the fresh wood smell travels to your nose and inspires you to get things done. It doesn’t matter if you’re a handy guy or not, you instantly want to talk about tools and the best type of wood to use to build your deck. Some are even inspired to pick up large foam cylinders for an epic battle. Whatever floats your boat.

Just take a long look at this picture. It’s obviously a bunch of guys hanging out in their boxers, with one guy taking the lead – and the iron – to a pair of slacks. What’s going on? Apparently, this fella was instructed by his bride-to-be to take some serious pictures with his groomsmen. They definitely got that done. They sure do look serious. They’re not exactly dressed, but still very serious. Maybe she should be more specific next time. At least he’s not like the next day.

You’re probably asking yourself why there’s a man inside of this fish tank. That’s definitely a legitimate question to have, but we’re not sure we have the answer for you. Maybe the pool was closed and he wanted to take a swim. Maybe he had dreams of living on the water. But the way this looks, it could be safe to assume that he just wanted to get closer to his pet turtle. We’re not sure if the turtle actually likes that, but we’re assuming he wasn’t in there long. How about that animal instinct?

As we get older, we tend to forget more and more things. Where are my keys? What did I walk in here for? Did I remember my medicine? It’s a lot of fun and that’s why this fella decided to buy a label maker. He wanted to make things a little easier for everyone around. Now, no one will be confused about whether that’s a cat or a very furry toddler. He definitely uses his head, just like this next guy.

It would only be natural of you to look at this picture and wonder what’s happening. Maybe he’s just feeling the nature and wants to get a closer look. Or maybe not. He was actually trying to give a spider that lives in the bushes a nice dinner of dead bee, and got his head stuck in the rails. Don’t judge. Many people do this when they’re younger. Although, most of the time their heads get stuck in the staircase, instead. It’s just the way things go, sometimes. Moving on.

When someone becomes a dad they don’t have to lose that childlike wonder. When this woman got home, she heard her dad laughing in the living room. Was he laughing at the TV? He sure wasn’t. Was he reading an amazing book? Not at all. Instead, her dad was taking a stroll on an inflatable T-rex. Maybe dinosaurs wouldn’t have gone extinct if the knew how to have a little more fun. This next guy definitely knows about having fun.

One time, a woman came home from a long day at work and had no idea where her boyfriend was. She searched the bedroom and the living room. She even looked in the kitchen, but there was no boyfriend. All of a sudden, the woman heard giggling coming from the bathroom. What happened? She found her boyfriend in the bathtub, completely covered in bubbles. Considering the floor is covered with bubbles and water, as well, we can guarantee he’s having a great time, and at least he’s clean. Since we’re talking about water…

Let’s be honest. Your first thought definitely went there, too. Fine. Just don’t be judgmental. A woman actually walked into her home one day to find this going on. Apparently, her husband is a seller on Amazon and they obviously had received quite a few orders for shark outfits that week. Time to get a bigger boat.

Treadmills are a great source of exercise. Feel like reading a book while going on a long walk? Just get on the treadmill. Is it too cold outside and you need to train for that marathon? Just jump on the treadmill and get running. Or maybe you’re like this guy and you used the treadmill to make your toy firetruck go really fast. All you have to do is shut the door and no one will ever know what you’re doing. Just toss some water on your face to look like sweat, and you’re all set. Or you could just include the dog…

Imagine that you’re hanging out in the living room, looking for something to watch on TV, or scrolling through Instagram, and you hear a noise in the kitchen. You realize that your dog is missing, and so is your husband. That’s obviously not good. Then you hear your husband tell your furry friend to stay in the kitchen, which is weird, so you decide to check it out. And what do you find? Your dog wrapped in a towel on top of your husband. Just like any other day, right?

If you’ve ever visited Boston, you know that there’s a lot to see. There are ball parks, plenty of museums, and aquariums. To put it bluntly, there is no shortage of culture in Boston. Then we have this fella. He saw an open opportunity, and a wind-blown skirt, and ran with it like he was running for the gold. This is proof that men will never change. But she doesn’t seem too upset about the whole ordeal. Maybe this next woman would be.

The worst thing about relationships is that women tend to enjoy bringing decorative pillows into the house. The thing that makes them decorative is that they’re used for literally nothing but decoration, which is pretty hard to comprehend. But women really like them, and they sell, so we can’t really judge. These pillows are really cool because you can draw on them. But if you ask us, that’s just looking for trouble. Which is exactly what this lady got. Maybe if you didn’t want him to help, you shouldn’t have put them out for him. Like this next woman, who probably hides all of the markers.

We can find inspirational messages in almost every place that we look. They inspire us to dance like nobody is watching, sing like nobody is listening, and live each day like it’s your last. Which is actually really awesome, but people should start editing them for everyday practical use. This husband found his wife’s new wall decor and decided to take things into his own hands…literally. We’re pretty sure that you can’t really control the scent of your droppings, but that’s why they have air fresheners, right? Maybe they should use “Spray like you didn’t just crap,” instead.

This is how we picture this conversation going. The wife said, “Honey, I need to you run to the store for a couple of things. We need broccoli, chicken, bread, eggs, apples, and a pint of the ice cream that’s on sale this week.” But the husband only heard, “Honey, we need ALL OF THE ICE CREAM THAT’S ON SALE THIS WEEK.” You need that Chunk Monkey? Here you go. We have three pints of the Tonight Dough. Feel like getting into some Cherry Garcia? No problem. Just like a little kid waiting for the ice cream man, this husband made it happen. So we’ve given all the proof that some things will never change.

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