15 Insane Before And After Photos Which Show Things Getting Weird.

15 Insane Before And After Photos Which Show Things Getting Weird. April 27, 2020

A photo can have a significant impact on those who are lucky enough to gaze upon it. And that effect can be appreciated 10 times more with before and after photos. Take this man, for example, and all the tattoos he has. You’d swear that the “after” shot was taken after undergoing tattoo removal surgery, but you’d be totally mistaken. The clean look is the amazing results you get after applying cover-up makeup. Now, you have to admit that this man looks so freaking different!

It’s been decades since the release of the first “Star Wars” film. Fans have been blessed with eight films, plus one if you include “Star Wars: Rogue One.” So in the “before” photo, we get a peek at a young Luke (Mark Hamill) and Leia (Carrie Fisher) from 1977 who get together again in 2015. Okay, so they might have aged a bit, but they both looked banging and continued to amaze us all the way up to “Episode 8.”

It became obvious to everyone that the bust of famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo looked nothing like the real thing when it was unveiled at the Madeira airport. In fact, people laughed out loud at how different the bust was when compared to the real Ronaldo. Naturally, sculptor Emanuel Jorge da Silva Santos was disappointed by the criticism, but a year later he created a new bust and it was certainly a huge improvement to the first one.

Makeup can bring the impossible to life. Just ask actress Linda Blair. When she was a girl, she landed a main role as a demonically possessed child in “The Exorcist,” and she didn’t mind all the adult things she had to do in the film. “I was a child first and foremost so when I first read the novel before auditioning, I saw it more from the perspective of a kid. How were they going to do these things? How was the bed going to levitate? That kind of stuff,” she explained. “I didn’t really think about the religious aspects of the story because it was beyond me at that time.”

Chances are you don’t remember the first photo taken of you. Why? Because it was a sonogram or an ultrasound and you were still in your mom’s belly. But boy, it’s really hard to make out what’s going on on those photos. In fact, most of the time a fetus ends up looking like some sort of weird-looking alien. But when this baby was born, it was obvious that the nurses hadn’t accidentally switched the child in the hospital. This one is so perfect!

Have you tried doing the “Draw This” Challenge? The meme challenge gets artists to draw an old artwork they later have to post in order to compare the original and the new one. Needless to say, the difference is amazing. In this case, an artist by the name of “Miles” sketched a self-portrait of his 23-year-old self and then posted it side-by-side with the sketch he made of himself when he was 13. The adult version shows how much his talent grew.

By now you know that caterpillars wrap themselves in a cocoon and morph into butterflies. The transformation is caused by hormones from the endocrine glands in front of the caterpillar’s body. The brain of the insect secretes the prothoracicotropic hormone activated by its neurosecretory cells. This stimulates the prothoracic glands, which secretes the ecdysone hormone, resulting in ecdysis, which allows the caterpillar to shed its old self. This might sound complicated, but nature has it under control and the transformation is incredible.

Nothing brings happiness into our lives like pets, even when they force us to wake up early in the morning to play. They get us through the worst moments, and love being in our lives. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that some amazing humans have rescued dogs and made their lives better. Just look at the smile on this dog’s face. He’s so grateful that he was rescued from the unforgiving streets and made part of a human family!

Take a look at the first drawing. It was made by a 13-year-old artist, and it’s pretty impressive. But take a look at the second drawing. Wait! Isn’t it a photograph? No, it’s not. It’s an artform known as hyperrealism, where paintings and sculptures wind up resembling a seemingly perfect high-resolution photo. If you asked us, we could have sworn it was a photo and not a drawing. Magnificent!

You’ll find this statue of the late comedic actress, Lucille Ball in New York City. But initially there was a big issue with it, which you might be able to tell from the first photo. Let’s be honest, it didn’t look that good! Some even claimed it was a “nightmare.” Fortunately, Carolyn Palmer, a new sculptor, provided a life-size statue of the “I Love Lucy” actress during a ceremony to celebrate her would-be 105th birthday.

Being on the front lines is an important job, but it can be scary and stressful for the men and women who enlist in the military to serve their country. So for those who are having a rough time, there are support animals like this gorgeous puppy. This soldier rescued the pooch and he took him home after his tour of duty. But let’s just say that the human rescued the dog and the dog rescued his emotional well-being.

William Kyle Carpenter used himself to shield his friend, Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio from a grenade blast on Nov. 21, 2010. The two Marines stood guard on a roof in Helmand province in Afghanistan. The men survived but were seriously injured. Carpenter lost most of his teeth and his right eye. His arm was broken in a bunch of places and his jaw was shattered too. Fortunately, several incredible surgeries and a few years later, Carpenter looks incredibly different and continues to be the honorable and brave soldier he always was.

In the first photo, you see a lake with a man standing in the middle, but then the lake vanishes, and leaves only the harsh ground underneath him. Was there witchcraft involved in this? No. It was caused by California’s six-year drought, which in the Spring of 2015 had taken a turn for the very worse. Over 30 percent of California had suffered extreme drought conditions. Is it too late to start doing a rain dance?

When you’re a fan of “Lord of the Rings” and have a bunch of wood, what can you do? Simple! You turn the wood into a Gandalf pipe and show it off for the world to see. Gandalf was a wizard from the Istari order, and a mentor, guide and leader of the army of the West, but now he’s looking a bit stiff in this magical piece of wooden art.

The fashion world would have to rely on cashmere if it weren’t for alpacas. These gentle creatures produce about five to ten pounds of fleece a year. The fleece produced by each of these animals can be turned into a number of things like yarn, blankets, tapestries and all sorts of apparel. If you’re lucky enough to own anything made from this material, you know it’s worth it, even if the end result looks a bit goofy!