16 Random Photos That Will Make You Smile.

16 Random Photos That Will Make You Smile. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Amazing things happen every second of every day. Whether it’s someone going out of their way to help a homeless person in need, or an orangutan giving birth to their young in the forest, this world is full of beauty. The best part of it is when things happen that make you think. They make you question society, yourself, or the universe. Keep scrolling to check out these thought-provoking images. You might just be inspired to help someone, praise someone, or make a change in the world.When she passed away, her obituary was placed in the newspaper. Instead of flowers being brought to her service, she requested that backpacks filled with school supplies were brought in honor of her commitment to children.

This barber goes above and beyond the call of duty. He spends his free time giving hair cuts to the homeless, free of charge. That’s a sure way to use your skills to make the world a better place.

What you’re looking at is a German shepherd mixed with a Golden Retriever. We’re pretty sure that none of you would pass up the opportunity to cuddle with this adorable little pup.

They decided to pave a pothole because the city couldn’t be bothered to do it. And their message is very clear on how they felt about doing it.

Taken from a sword fishing boat off of the coast of Nova Scotia, the photographer captured the moment when orcas were breaching in rough waters. What an exhilarating moment that must have been!

But not this life. This is what it looks like when you have four years clean from methamphetamine. Congratulations, sir, you have done what most people can’t!

This person captured a stunning photo of their descent into Bora Bora. It’s truly a paradise that most people are never able to set foot on.

But he was laid to rest with the best of them. He will forever reside in Westminster Abbey, alongside the great Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

They printed a great magazine with the topic of the dangers of plastic for our environment. It would have been fantastic, if they didn’t deliver them in plastic bags.

But what they received in return was priceless. They were able to look down on the village from a hot air balloon at 5am. What a view!

The Vaquita are stunning porpoises that are found off of the coast of California. Unfortunately, there are only 12 of them left on this planet. Try to do what you can to help the extinction of one of nature’s greatest prizes.

This is a wonderful picture of a graduating class, and their 92-year-old classmate. You get it, girl! Congratulations on your achievement.

This newspaper article was published in August 14, 1912. Looks like we should have listened to their warning a long time ago.

The photographer had all of their friends put on their headlamps while they took a long exposure photograph. The result are mind- blowing!

This elephant was brought around the Oregon Zoo by animal handlers to check out the other animals. It’s quite obvious that the sea lions were her favorite.

This mother moose definitely understands her duties. Instead of crossing the busy highway, she decided to take her young across the bridge. What a smart mama!

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