16 Reasons To Take The Shower Cap From The Hotel With You.

16 Reasons To Take The Shower Cap From The Hotel With You. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Let he or she who has never taken anything from a hotel cast the first toiletry. Who can honestly say that they’ve never taken something from their hotel room? You obviously can’t take the expensive stuff like the TV set or you’ll get caught. You can’t even take a towel without having your credit card billed at a later time. The things that are okay to take with you include those tiny bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, notepaper, pens, postcards, and envelopes. But there’s one thing that you will have to remember to take: the hotel shower cap. Why? Because you can use it for a myriad of things.Add some ice into the shower cap. Then stick a bowl of food inside the cap. But make sure that the elastic stretches all the way around the bowl. This will keep your food cold for a couple of hours until you get hungry.

Is your little prince or princess ready to try eating on their own? Well, chances are that they’re going to start playing with their food or hurling food around. So, you might want to put a shower cap on their head first. This ensures you won’t have to clean food out of their hair afterwards.

You walked all around town on your vacation, so the soles of your shoes probably picked up all sorts of stuff like mud and dog doodoo. You certainly don’t want any of those things touching your sweaters, shirts, or pants, do you?

Embrace your inner CSI investigator and put a shower cap on each shoe. This will allow you to walk around in the rain, or in a dusty area, like a construction site, without damaging your expensive heels or white sneakers.

The last thing you want to do is to perch your behind on a bike seat full of rain water. It’s not only uncomfortable, but people will think you had an accident as soon as you get off your bike. The cap also keeps the water from damaging the leather seat.

Who hasn’t smeared flour, cooking oil, or other baking ingredients all over their cookbooks or recipe at one point? But you never have to worry about that again if you wrap up your recipes in a clear shower cap. This also works if you’re looking at recipes on tablets and phones.

All you have to do is poke a hole in the middle of the shower cap. Then, use the hole to slip the cap over the hanger. This will act as a shield to keep your shirts and sweaters dust free. Because there’s nothing more embarrassing than heading to work with dust on your shoulders.

Indoor plants are awesome, but they require water to thrive. But whenever you water them, you wind up with a stream of soil and water dripping from the bottom of your pot. But if you wrap the bottom of the pot with a shower cap, you can avoid any dripping.

Most hair treatments require that you keep the heat in, which you can do if you wear a shower cap. Plus, it prevents all of the liquid from running down your face and getting into your eyes, or running down your neck and ruining your clothes.

The next time you’re tempted to eat some chocolate chip cookies or crackers, eat them using a shower cap as a plate. That way, all of the crumbs will go into the cap instead of on your shirt, lap or desk. When you’re done, you can either shake the shower cap off and reuse it, or toss it.

You can’t stop brooms from collecting dust bunnies when you sweep. But you can keep them from falling back on the floor by wrapping a shower cap around the broom. That way you don’t have to worry about someone collecting all that dust under their shoes and spreading it around the house.

Did you make too much food? Maybe you made a dish for a potluck dinner, but no one touched it. That’s okay. Just wrap a shower cap around the bowl and put it in the fridge. It will keep your food safe until you’re ready to eat it again.

The last thing you want is for your watermelon to spoil. This hack works great if you’re only using half of the watermelon, and saving the other half for later. You can also wrap up any watermelon slices that no one’s eaten.

You certainly don’t want to use your electric mixer if the bowl is full of dust. That would be nasty. But you also want to keep dust from damaging the inner workings of your appliances too. So, in between uses, wrap them up with a shower cap.

Add some soil and some seedlings to a container. Then wrap a shower cap around it. This will turn the container into a greenhouse, which will allow your seedlings to grow. Once they’re mature enough, you can plant them in your garden and throw the cap away.

Add some water to the shower cap so that your dog can rehydrate. You can also fill it up with food. This doesn’t just work for dogs, but for cats too. And it can be such a lifesaver, especially when you’re traveling.

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