16 Strange (But Totally Awesome) Uses For Deodorant.

16 Strange (But Totally Awesome) Uses For Deodorant. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

As early as the ancient Egyptians, people were looking for ways to keep body odour away. They would immerse themselves in scented bathing and apply perfumes under their armpits. The ancient Greeks copied this practice and spread it further into the western world. Diane Ackerman, the author of *A Natural History of the Senses* said Romans took this need to smell clean, to the point where it “reached such heights that both men and women took baths in perfume, soaked their clothes in it, and perfumed their horses and household pets.” The first trademarked deodorant was called Mum in the United States in 1888. 15 years later, the antiperspirant made its debut. The deodorant is an $18 billion dollar a year industry today but you might be surprised to find out your swipe sticks have multiple uses.Deodorants make sure that when you do sweat, the antibacterial element in the stick won’t allow for the stinky smell to produce.

Packaging and fragance are the only differences. Yet, only 10 per cent of unisex deodorants make up for the sales in the deodorant market.

Apply deodorant on the bottom of your feet, let it dry and put your sandals or shoes on.

Use a roll-on and apply it to the bridge of the nose. Concentrating on the area where the sunglasses sit.

Rather than having sticky and oily hair, roll some of your deodorant over the scalp. This will absorb the extra oil. Also, if you are a runner or like to exercise hardcore, apply the deodorant on the hairline to keep the sweat away from the face.

Apply antiperspirant on your back to avoid that awkward sweat on your pretty summer dress.

Roll deodorant on your legs and thighs so putting on your jeans is just a slip on and go. The deodorant helps to put on those über tight jeans without having to embarrassing yourself in the process.

Spraying or rolling deodorant will keep your hands nice and dry. Some people swear that by doing it the night before will do the trick while others need to do it before leaving the house. It all depends on just how sweaty your hands get.

Look for deodorants that include mineral salts or crystals as they can help dry out zits and get rid off blackheads. For those with oily skin, deodorant can help to matte the area.

Rather than punish yourself by wearing pants only on hot days, apply deodorant in the inner thighs. This will avoid the friction and the discomfort and pain from chaffing and raw skin.

To get rid of that musty, old smell, open a new stick of deodorant and leave it in the closet. Within hours the whole space will smell fresh and inviting.

Hard leather rubs and chaffs, causing bruising and even bleeding. Rub deodorant in the area where the material is going to rub, creating a thin layer of protection. This will also help you avoid putting on a bandage that will lose its grip after a few steps.

Applying deodorant will help avoid any painful chaffing and injury to the nipples.

Using your fingers, apply deodorant to the T-zone area of the face. This begins across the forehead, down the nose, and chin. This technique helps to control this oil-prone area.

Aerosol deodorants can be used to spray over walls painted with permanent markers. The alcohol in the spray will dissolve the ink off the wall. Just use paper towels to wipe it off.

Rather than replacing the hardware on the door, spray the area liberally and you will see that your door is as quiet as a convent.

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