16 Ways You Can Turn Everyday Objects Into Home Décor Masterpieces.

16 Ways You Can Turn Everyday Objects Into Home Décor Masterpieces. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Are you the kind of person who has an attic full of old furniture, a garage full of old household items, or a bunch of empty shelves scattered throughout your house? If that sounds like you – don’t worry, we feel your pain. It’s so easy to accrue things over the course of time, and in the end, many of those things end up neglected, unused, or stacked in a dusty corner. Fear not: Here, we’ve compiled 16 interesting ways to repurpose your old stuff into something new and great – most of these projects are relatively simple and affordable, and will upgrade your home instantly. **We don’t know how we didn’t think of #8 ourselves.**Fastening legs to an antique suitcase can give your living room some old world charm. Bonus: You can also store blankets inside.

Globes are hollow inside, making them an excellent candidate for this DIY project. By cutting a globe in half, you can create two light fixtures that will add a bit of bookish ambiance to any room.

If you think of a dresser as simply raw materials, it’s easy to see how versatile they are to repurpose. Simply removing a few drawers can turn a dresser into a whole new piece of furniture.

Unused bed frames take up space in the attic or basement. Why not repurpose one into this clever message board, which would be a surprising and quaint addition to a front entryway?

Kids love Legos, but the problem is that they get everywhere – and usually find their way to under your feet. This lego table keeps them all in one place, and gives your little ones a place to build.

These two surprising items make a great team when it comes to making a birdbath for your garden. We love the antique finish on the birdbath as well.

Lots of people have an old tire just inexplicably hanging out int heir garage, for whatever reason. Why not turn it into something useful? This DIY will repurpose a tire into an expensive-looking outdoor seating option in no time.

This DIY is a little complex, but also one of our favorites. If you decide to replace your outdated fridge, this repurposing could put that trusty old Frigidaire to good use. We love the unfinished wood and counter space on this DIY – the new and improved ice chest would be great in an outdoor dining area.

If your child has grown out of certain toys but you can’t bear to part with them, try repurposing them into refrigerator magnets. This idea would be most excellent with an old Tonka truck.

A couple of decades ago, a bulky wooden TV console was all the rage. Now, it’s an eyesore for your living room. Take the ugly console and turn it into something practical and useful, such as this small side table.

This repurposing is simple, attractive, and you probably already have most of the materials – including an old, unused bookshelf – lying somewhere around the house.

Like one of the previous DIYs mentioned here, all it takes is the removal of a few drawers to turn an old dresser into something useful. Tip: Add casters to the bottom of the island if you don’t want to commit it to one spot in your kitchen.

It’s that pesky, bulky console again: Why not turn it into this amazing kitchen set that your kid will love – and won’t look so ugly in your living room?

If you’re all done having babies and you can’t figure out what to do with the crib, refinish it, remove the sides, and add a headboard. Now, you’ve got great outdoor seating and you’ve hardly spent a dime.

Floor lamps of this style are slightly outdated. Luckily, you can turn yours into an awesome garden or plantar and use it to welcome guests to your home.

What was once an unused table can be turned into a comfy bench or stool with a little padding and upholstery. Just make sure the bench can hold your weight before you begin!

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