17 DIY Projects Using Gold Paint…. #2 Is Perfect For My Teenage Daughter.

17 DIY Projects Using Gold Paint…. #2 Is Perfect For My Teenage Daughter. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You’ve probably seen countless DIY projects you’d love to try but just having quite gotten around to. Here’s some that can be done so easily and in very little time that you just might be inspired enough to close your laptop, go to your local hardware store, and pick up a few cans of gold paint to get started. It’s amazing how a little gold paint can transform the most ordinary items in your home into beautiful, sophisticated accent pieces. Your old furniture will get a whole new fresh look. The trick is not to get carried away and paint everything in your house gold.This has got to be the easiest project ever, right? Find some mason jars, spray them gold, and allow time to dry. Add some flowers. You’re a DIY gold pro now.

All you need is some gold acrylic paint, gold liquid gilding, and Mod Podge (as sealer), and a brush. Be sure to do this outside or in a space that’s well ventilated.

Paint the oceans with two coats of black paint. Apply adhesive to the continents and allow 10-20 minutes for it to become tacky. Place gold foil over the areas. It’s really forgiving so if you mess up don’t fret. It’s a piece of art after all. Bonus points: Use black chalk board paint so you can write down all the places you’ve traveled to.

Use painter’s tape or masking tape to create the design you want. Spray matte-finnish indoor fast-drying gold spray paint and finish with a sealer for ceremic.

Spray a few coats of gold paint and allow time to dry. You’ll have a gorgeous new throne to sit on. All you need now is your tiara.

Use gold foil printable paper to write inspiring messages on flower pots or vases. Bonus points: If you have a little gnome paint him gold so he’ll look great standing next to your new pots. Plus, who wouldn’t want a gold gnome?

Spray paint the inside gold. Allow 30 minutes to dry. Flip the bowls over and spray white.

Spray paint the inside of lampshades. When you turn them on in a dark room, you’ll see why this is such a good idea.

Cut long pieces of blue painter’s tape or masking tape. Spray them gold. Allow time to dry, then add to the corners of picture frames. If you ever get tired of them, just peel them off. No worries.

Spray paint two large rocks to use as book holders.

Get rocks from the dollar store and paint 1/3 of them gold. Use in centerpieces and vases.

Spray paint tape gold. Let dry. Place the tape on mirror and smooth it out.

Old books go from drab to fab with a few coats of gold spray paint. And yes you can still read them. Just make sure the paint doesn’t get on the pages.

Dip pinecones in gold paint. Let dry and add a ribbon for beautiful holiday pieces.

Give Sterilite drawers a sophisticated look. Take the drawers out. Use Rustoleum Metallic gold spray paint the frame. Let dry, then add Martha Stewart metal bookplates.

Give an old rug the Midas touch by painting gold stripes on it.

Paint selected shells gold. Allow dry time. How easy is that?

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