18 Awesome Dads Who Prove They’re Best At What They Do.

18 Awesome Dads Who Prove They’re Best At What They Do. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s that time of year where we celebrate the most important men in our lives: our fathers. The relationship we have with our parents is the first relationship any of us has. We learn to trust people because of our dads. We learn how to ride a bike and change a tire because of our dads. And we learn that no matter what, whether it’s a broken heart, failing out of school, or not knowing what to do with our lives, our dads will always be there with wisdom, and some laughter. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, so make sure that you tell your dad how important he is to you. Until then, check out all of these guys that deserve a gold star for their epic dad skills!This little girl couldn’t make it to the playground, so her dad brought the playground to her. Who needs a swingset when you have a perfect good dad?

This newborn had no desire to take pictures for her mama. All she needed was her dad and she was ready for her closeup.

In fact, he was perfectly fine with being Little Red Riding Hood for his child. What a good sport, dad!

Until her last day, when he sent her to school with this instead. That’s definitely a wake-up call.

But a good dad will have no issues with sporting a new hairstyle. As long as it makes his little girl happy, he’ll do it with a smile.

They can leap over tall buildings, and lift cars off of people who are trapped. Well, not really, but dads sure are the closest things to superheros that we have!

Or maybe he’s just so consumed by the game that he doesn’t even know what’s happening. Either way, that’s one happy little girl.

This dad believes that teaching them as young as possible is the way to go. That little one has pretty good form to be completely honest.

Kids absolutely love having tea with their dads. There’s nothing quite like pretending to sip tea and talking over fake biscuits with your child. Don’t forget: pinky up!

This dad saw the perfect opportunity to read a story and ran with it. That’s definitely one way to keep a child distracted while on public transportation.

This little girl was meant to be in the water from the moment she was born. And her dad wasted no time getting her on a surfboard.

This father may not seem excited that he has a bow in his hair, but at least he did it. And he looks amazing with it to be completely honest.

Bathtime with dad means bubble beards and bubble hair. And check out those bubble eyebrows! Looking good kid!

Dads have their own of way of doing things, though. So it’s best to just walk away than to interfere with their fun.

His ingenuity is pretty remarkable, and his daughter doesn’t seem to mind at all. As long as she’s getting to swing it’s alright.

And it starts by showing them how to change a tire. This father was encouraging his son the whole time and telling him was doing a great job. That’s how it’s done, gentleman.

The costume idea was taken from a computer game the dad played in high school. He started designing it as soon as his wife became pregnant, using all of the baby boxes. This dad has leveled up in the costume making game.

But what’s up with the pool and the towel? It’s a great way to celebrate Father’s Day, we’re not denying that. We’re just unsure why he’s sitting in an empty kiddie pool.

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