18 Awful Fashion Trends That We Hope To Never See Again.

18 Awful Fashion Trends That We Hope To Never See Again. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Fashion can either be bold and daring, or insanely horrific, but if there’s one thing we can say is that it’s rarely dull or boring. Then again, how many different versions of a handbag, dress or hairstyle can people come up with before they start repeating trends from a previous era? To prevent this from happening, designers and hairstylists come up with clever new ways to create a look that’s completely different. But in some cases, it’s a total fashion fail. So, check out these fashion trends that are so bad, they’ll leave you speechless. What’s more, these horrific trends should get buried deep underground so they never resurface again.It actually drew attention to women’s upper bodies, and not in a positive way. But as it turns out, women were already obsessing about getting bigger busts even before boob jobs became as common as getting your hair done at a salon.

The beehive was all the rage back in the 1960s. Even celebrities were doing it. Soon enough, high schools were reaching new heights with this look. But it took forever to get this done. You had to have long hair in order to backcomb the hair. Then you had to tease it until your hair practically high-fived the sky. Now that’s a lot of work!

The shaggy haircut trend that began with a bob in the front and a mullet tail in the back was pretty popular in the 70s. In fact, Florence Henderson was seen sporting the look when she played Carol Brady in “The Brady Bunch.” But the uneven hair length was simply unflattering.

Women and even a few men donned leg warmers, leotards and underwear over their pants like Superman whenever they got ready to work out. Thank goodness it was just a faze because this trend was so unflattering.

Everyone wanted broad shoulders, possibly because it made them look tougher and more confident. But while the look has faded from modern fashion, some celebrities still rock them flawlessly. Just look at Lady Gaga.

At the time, San Francisco was a safe haven for hippies and since hippies were oh-so in love with vibrant colors, psychedelic patterns popped up everywhere. Soon, everyone looked like they’d just gotten splashed by a bunch of multi-colored paint cans.

What’s worse is that the base left virtually no wiggle room, so women used special loops to keep themselves from taking big steps because doing so would have caused the fabric to tear. So, we imagine there were a lot of women in the 1910s walking kind of funny down the street.

Things like turtlenecks and odd-looking suits in even weirder colors popped up everywhere. Some of the looks were cheesy and yet at the time, they were considered to be very manly and even chic. Can you imagine?

In the 80s and 90s, teased hair was totally in fashion. Women didn’t want to have their hair pressed flat against the sides of their heads. So, they started teasing their hair. After all, who could ever complain about a little extra hair volume?

People would conveniently put all of their accessories in their fanny packs and zip it up so thieves couldn’t get to them. But as handy as it was to have one of these, sporting one around your waist just didn’t make you look as cool. Ok, so The Rock could pull it off.

In those days, people didn’t mind caking their faces with layers upon layers of bright blushes. But in today’s world, people tend to opt for a gentler look or at least a makeup look that doesn’t seem so vibrant and over the top.

Blame it on the Spice Girls for making high platform shoes so popular if you want. But the truth is that a lot of people loved these thick-soled shoes even though a lot of them twisted and hurt their ankles while trying to walk in them.

The singer went on stage with a pair in 2001 and impressed us with her look and her choreography for her song “Stronger” at the AMAs. In the end, everyone, even men, were seen sporting low-rise jeans with their undies showing in the back. Why though? Seriously!

Folks did everything they could to tan their skin. But while they could have done this by sunbathing naturally, they resorted to aerosol canisters to turn themselves into Darth Orange and it looked really weird.

Admittedly, the pattern on most harem pants are quite flattering, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they look good on everyone. They were probably okay to wear around the house. But these days, people might call it cultural appropriation to be seen wearing these.

Tracksuits are great if you want to look like you’re out-of-touch with reality. They’re almost as bad as aerobic workout clothes from the 1980s. Alright, so maybe stars like Armie Hammer can get away with it, but that’s because he’s hot and cool.

Sure, they look pretty at first glance, but there’s a catch! Cold shoulder sleeves might seem like a nice idea, especially in the summer. But the reason why we can’t stand this trend is that no matter what you do, your blouse’s sleeves will constantly slide down your arms.

Musicians like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice made wearing extremely baggy pants look cool on stage and in music videos. But they’re certainly not meant to be worn when you’re out and about or ever. They’re just ugly and it certainly didn’t do anything for these celebrities’ careers. So why wear them?

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