18 Creative Activities For Under $5 That Will Entertain Your Kids For Hours.

18 Creative Activities For Under $5 That Will Entertain Your Kids For Hours. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Kids are the most curious creatures on the planet. Just when you think you have impressed them with the crafts we grew up doing such as cutting shapes, finger painting and playing with stickers, the new generation is much more sophisticated. It can sometimes be tempting to give in and allow them to play video games or play with their tablets. Not to despair, there are some great activities for the kids and adults alike that will make them giggle with delight while also challenge their creative minds. With spring break here, this is the perfect time for the adults to also put their devices away and get back to the basics with their little ones. The only time your smartphone should come out is to captured your child’s completed masterpiece. Take a look at great activity ideas to do with your kids today.A little science and patience will create this easy to do elephant toothpaste. This activity will need close adult supervision if the kids are involved in the actual making of the toothpaste. You will need safety goggles (also for kids), dry active yeast, warm water, 6% hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, liquid water color, and a thin-neck bottle.

A little bit of shaving cream, corn starch and colouring will create this delicious looking mess.

You can make safe and edible glowing water. Bath time just got a lot more cool with warm water and vitamin B-50 Complex.

Some kids are unable to play with play dough if they are sensitive to gluten. Here is an easy to make at home recipe that is gluten-free. Baby rice cereal, vegetable oil, cornstarch unsweetened applesauce and food coloring mixed together. And yes, this is edible play dough.

No need to skip building a snowman if you live in warmer weather. Your snowman comes courtesy of baking soda, dish soap, salt, vinegar and whatever accessories you want to put on your new friend.

Kids will love the texture and arrangements they can make with the beads. An added bonus, these are edible for both kids and pets as they are made with basil seeds and food coloring.

We all loved getting our hands right in to the play dough growing up. Kids get a perk by having it glow-in-the-dark. This is what you need to make your glowing play dough: glow light, glowing vitamin, flour, water, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, and salt.

Create a mini car-wash or teach kids the colors with this fun foam soap. You’ll need dish soap, water, mixer and food coloring.

This fun, gooey slime with dots is made courtesy of clear school glue, liquid starch and pom poms.

How about excavating for their own toys. Take a container, fill it up with toys and water. Put it in the freezer. To get the toys out, give the little ones eye droppers with water and salt and their own brushes.

This is such a fun, sensory play. The modern way to make snow requires baking soda, shampoo, water,food coloring and citric acid powder.

Building a sculpture is fun, but painting one made out of salt is better. To build the actual sculpture use the mold design you desire,table salt and water. To paint the final product use eyedroppers, and food coloring.

This celebration of colors is just beans, many beans and food coloring. For best result use lima beans.

What a great way for your kids to get in to spring fever than to make giant flowers. Paint, white paper plates, large yellow pom pom, hot glue gun, glue sticks and large chenille stem will make you gorgeous flowers.

Use liquid detergent, liquid starch, PVA-based glue, liquid coloring and glitter. You end up with pretty, glittery slime.

Every kid loves erupting volcanoes. To make, use baking soda, water, vinegar, dish soap, diluted food coloring and eye droppers.

Why just paint one egg when you can do several to create a vibrant garland. Choose white card stock to cut 12 egg shapes, apply glue liberally to create a pattern, color glitter to paint. Use threat to tape thru the back and you have an easter garland.

Take painting to the next level by getting it to puff up for extra dimension. Use flour, water, salt, food coloring to mix. Paint on card stock and just microwave it 15 to 25 seconds.

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