18 Easy Ways You Can De-Clutter Your Home, And Simplify Your Life.

18 Easy Ways You Can De-Clutter Your Home, And Simplify Your Life. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to give things away — literally anything. There’s a term others have created for people like us: hoarders. When you all you do is collect, you tend to hoard. And with hoarding, comes clutter. Sometimes you won’t even realize you’ve surrounded yourself in clutter until it’s too late. But don’t worry, even the most crowded of households can be decluttered if done so correctly. If you’re looking to declutter some parts of your household, take a look at some of the tips we’ve listed below.Maybe you’re a book lover and started a book collection that slowly got out of hand. Be selective with your books. Don’t keep every single one you’ve ever read, only keep the ones that actually have impacted your life.

Cabinet space can easily be taken over by big pots and pans. Instead of wasting valuable cabinet space with them, hang them instead on a pegboard or a suspended pot rack.

Is there a big jumble of different shampoos, conditioners, and body washes on the edge of your tub? Get rid of the clutter by replacing the bottles with spa-style dispensers.

If you have multiple remote controls, group them together and store them in one spot. A lidded box or chic decorative bowl would work best for this situation.

Are you in a frantic frenzy most mornings trying to figure out where your keys are? Save yourself the trouble and keep all your keys in a front and center bowl that will always be in the location it is set at.

This is when the paper purge will begin. Put every piece of paper that comes into your household to the “two F’s” test. If you can’t file it (important documents, bills, etc.) or frame it (artwork, kid’s good schoolwork), it goes into the trash.

Don’t hoard your living room with too much furniture. Stick to the basics. All you need is a sofa, end table, coffee table, a bookshelf and maybe a comfy chair. Furniture placement is also equally important. There needs to be a flow.

Instead of placing them side to side on your shelf, try stacking them vertically! You can even stack a few of them and leave them on a table to make a pedestal for another item.

Keep a cohesive look by displaying groups of photos with similar frames together. Match the photos’ hues and/or the materials.

A good neat stat to remember is to keep the top of the coffee table 75% clear. It usually helps if the table has drawers or shelves on the bottom.

An easy way to store excess items you may have is with an ottoman. Not only is it extra seating, you can hide stuff inside it.

Contrary to belief, keeping all your meds in the bathroom could be a bad idea as it gets steamy all the time. Move your medication to a different room so you can gain some extra bathroom cabinet space.

As easy as it is to just stuff every kitchen tool you can into your drawers, try to limit them to only items you use daily. Everything else you can move into a spot that’s more out of the way.

Let’s be honest, it really is. So this is what you do, you toss it out immediately. Leave the remaining 10% of the mail in a visible area or basket so you can be motivated to actually open and deal with it.

The rule of three here is the maximum amount of items per shelf. It doesn’t matter what size and/or shape they are, just make sure they relate to each other by color or theme.

Store your makeup inside travel-ready roll up organizers. It helps you organize different items and they’re easily ready-to-go when you need to take them all with you on a trip.

Keep all your kids’ toys and play things inside light-weight bins on a low shelf that is accessible to them. This will help point out to them how easy it is to clean up on their own without the help from any adults.

Here’s a way to figure out what to keep and not keep in your bathroom. Store every little thing out of sight and see what ends up on your sink’s counter top over the next few days. These items are the ones you use most and can ultimately stay. Everything else didn’t make the cut and therefore gets stored elsewhere.

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