18 Gorgeous Low-Budget Ways To Show Off Your Plants.

18 Gorgeous Low-Budget Ways To Show Off Your Plants. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Spring keeps peaking it’s gorgeous head out from around the corner, toying with our emotions and making us get the shorter skirts and shorts out of storage. This also means that those of you with green thumbs are ready and raring to begin your gardening efforts for the year. We feel you – we’ve already got our herb garden plans committed to paper. If you’re fresh out of ideas for how to plan your plots and beds, why not get a little creative? These 18 ideas are not only practical, but will also encourage lots of lovely compliments from your friends as you bask in the warm glow of spring sunshine. Check them out below, and get ready to plant like you’ve never planted before.Stacking planters creatively and topping them with a bird feeder will not only provide a constant water source for your plants, but will also make a great place for the birds to hang out.

This structure was created using wire fencing and landscaping cloth. The result is a colorful column that will look great on your patio.

Vintage tea containers make wonderful planters for herbs and succulents, perfect for lining your windows or adding color to your shelves.

A simple fishbowl and stones can make a great home for succulents. Try bowls and glassware of different shapes for variety in your succuletn garden.

Nesting tulip bulbs in glass beads will help you grow your tulips in the same container that you display them in.

This simple design can make great use of a spare corner or vestibule in your home.

Birdcages make your plants look like something out of a fantasy world. Bonus points if you intermingle actual birds in cages throughout the garden.

Large seashells make incredible planters, especially for succulents that don’t require a lot of water and drainage.

Stacking different pots from largest to small and labeling your herbs creates a well-organized garden that doesn’t take up too much space.

Instead of throwing away your childhood toys, repurpose them to make fun planters and position them creatively around your space.

Shoe organizers make a great place for a diverse herb garden. Be sure to choose an organizer made from breathable fabric, and allow for drainage at the bottom of each pouch.

A few cinderblocks and a piece of cardboard section off a small spot of lawn for your garden without too much serious landscaping.

You can section off an area of a pot and fill the rest with water to create a miniature pond that will keep your plants suitably watered and thriving.

Leave no space unused and bring a tree stump back to life by planting it with dozens of colorful flowers.

Using hanging bottles as planters creates a whimsical look in your outdoor space.

Herb gardens look especially great when planted in shabby-chic wine crates. You can paint the crates ahead of time if you prefer more color.

Simple boards and rope come together to make this awesome planter. This type of wall-hanging planter can be great for apartments – just make sure to put a water-catching trough below the hangin.

Pallets make great gardens because they automatically divide them into sections. Grow a different plant in each row for the ultimate herb garden.

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