18 Surprising Ways You Can Reuse Old Tires, #9 Is Downright Genius.

18 Surprising Ways You Can Reuse Old Tires, #9 Is Downright Genius. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Tires are designed to never break down. Given how many cars are on the road today, there are thousands of tires destined for landfills everyday. Some very crafty people are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint by upcycling the old rubber and finding new uses. Instead of tossing them out, you can now create outdoor furniture, planters and other neat DIYs. You may inspire others to follow suit.Cut a small tire in half and spray paint it. Let it dry. Fasten metal legs that can be purchased at the hardware store.

Take two tires, and paint them a bright summer color. Stack them and add a glass table top. Voila, you now have a cool table.

Modify a bicycle tire by cutting out the spokes and hammer in steel eyelets. From the back weave a thick cord through the eyelets like a corset. This will hold the mirror in place

Cut an old tire and flip it inside out. Spray paint and let it dry. Fill it with soil and your favorite flowers.

The type of tire will depend on your canine’s size. Spray paint an old tire. Let it dry and add a pillow.

You will need as many tires as you need. Position them along your garden as you see fit. Fill them with dirt or mulch.

Mount a painted tire to your wall. Add a potted plant and display with pride.

Spray paint old tires of different sizes any color you prefer. Stack and fill with soil. Add your plants. You now have a multi-tier planter.

Cut a medium size tire in to four quarters. Using a brace, drill the pieces in to the wall to create sturdy shelves. Make sure to add a base to place your books on top.

Drill holes on one side of a tire. Stick a cover or peg and have it ready for your guests on rainy days. The umbrellas themselves will balance the tire.

Using different tires, arrange an outside jungle gym. To ensure the tires do not roll away, use zip ties to fasten the tires to a post or deck.

What a great way to encourage your child to put away his or her toys. Clean the tires thoroughly. The only thing you need to make is the cover with a personalized touch.

If you have a big tree at home, make it the summer hangout for the kids. Paint the tire and attach hardware chains and hang it from a strong tree branch.

Paint an old tire and fill with sand. Cut a slit down the length of a pool needle. Attach to the inner rim of the tire and glue in place. Fill with sand and enjoy watching the kids have a blast.

Using glue, attach burlap type thread around the tread. Attach plywood to both sides and glue more thread. Attach legs to the bottom. This footrest will never lose its shape.

Create outdoor animal art that kids can spend hours playing on. A lot spray paint and creativity is essential in this project.

Choose a fun paint color for the wooden plank and handles. Cut the tire in half, affix the plank with a piece of cedar underneath for greater support. Drill the handles. For the eyes, cut up an old racquetball and and staple them to the plank. Drill holes in the bottom of the tire to allow water to drain.

Maintain the inner rim of a tire, cutting out the tread. Fit the inner rim to resemble a bucket and attach the rubber to an existing ice bucket for a new look.

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