18 Things Obsessed Fans Have Done To Show Their Devotion.

18 Things Obsessed Fans Have Done To Show Their Devotion. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

People are absolutely obsessed with the fantastic lives of celebrities. While most people are actually pretty rational about their obsession, there are others who take it the extremes. Body modifications, stalking, and attempted assassinations are just a few of the things that these insanely obsessed fans are guilty of doing.Taylor Swift has captivated the hearts of people from all over the world. Jeff Greenwood and his wife, Teresa Summers, dedicated their entire 12-acre cornfield to Taylor Swift. The owners said, “We just felt that she’s a true, real person, and an amazing role model for everybody in how she treats people and just how she carries herself.”

Men have idolized Superman’s strength and charisma ever since DC Comics first introduced him to the world. Herbert Chavez wanted to be like Superman so badly that he decided to undergo plastic surgery to look just like him. Now, he may look like the Man of Steel, but we’ll talk once we see that X-ray vision. Chavez said. “I adore superheroes. I am happy as Superman, and happier still to have Filipinos realize that Superman lives in the Philippines and they can see and talk to him in the flesh.”

Superfans can’t really think that their favorite celebrities actually LIKE these strange things that they do. In fact, Drake was so upset by this tattoo that he went and confronted the tattoo artist who put the tattoo on the woman’s head. According to MTV, Drake said, “The guy who tatted is a f—ing –shole though, I will tell you that. I don’t f— with that guy. F— you to that tat artist by the way. And you should lose your job and should never do tattoos again and I don’t f— with you. And if I ever see you, I’ma f— you up.”

Reverend Yolanda Norton from San Francisco is so fascinated by Beyonce that she dedicated a whole mass to the diva. Reverend Norton explains, “Beyoncé Mass is a Christian worship service that is open to all. This is not a ceremony deifying Beyoncé. The premise of this service is that if we look at the personal life, career trajectory, music, and public persona of Beyoncé, so much of her life reflects aspects of Black women’s stories.” It drew a crowd of 900 people so there must be something to it!

While some fans get plastic surgery (for whatever reason) to look like their favorite celebrity, some people go to even crazier extremes. This fan was channeling their inner Van Gogh by cutting off their own ear to send it to Jared Leto. Most people would be creeped out by such an intense gesture, but Jared made a necklace out of it, instead. Jared explained, “Someone cut their ear off once and sent it to me. That was very strange. A whole ear. The Van Gogh move. The note just said, ‘Are you listening?’ I never knew who it was, who’s missing their ear out there.”

It’s obvious that Ricky Martin is a total babe, but that doesn’t mean he enjoys being stalked by random fans. While Ricky was relaxing in his hotel room (in the buff, mind you), a fan dropped in to say hello. While that doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, the person didn’t exactly knock on the door. Nope. This fan decided to come in through the ceiling. Better to stand out, I guess.

I’m not really sure how fans are getting these celebrity addresses, but why are they mailing the strangest things? For example, Norman Reedus, who is used to random body parts flying around, was pretty shocked when he opened a package only to find a woman’s breast plant inside of it.

This 40-year-old British man has taken his obsession for Miley Cyrus a little too far. Claiming that Miley “got him through a tough divorce,” he has 29 tattoos dedicated to her. He said, “I got my first tattoo of Miley after I was divorced in 2010, but it got to the point where it was getting obsessive. Right now I have 29 tattoos done and have spent £2,800. I never thought I would regret it.”

This woman makes us wonder where the thin line from obsessed to delusional is drawn. This woman, who was once known as Linda Rese, legally changed her name to Mrs. Kanye West. We wonder how Kim feels about this loony lady.

It’s not really surprising to see someone get a tattoo of their favorite singer or actor, but what in the world is this? Barber Rob The Original create this “masterpiece” of the 5 Kardashian/Jenner sisters. Well, the barber was just doing his job, but who is guilty of doing this to their head?

Sure, we’ve all wanted to be someone famous at one time or another. But thinking about it, and doing something about it, are two completely different things. Tobias Strebel spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like the pop star and teenage heartthrob, Justin Bieber. Sadly, Strebel died in 2016 of multiple drug intoxication according to The Wrap.

It’s pretty common these days for celebrities to connect with their fans through Twitter. While most fans tweet their favorite celebs every once in a while, one fan sent Tisdale more than 18,888 tweets! Can someone say “restraining order”?

It might be a bit difficult for some famous people to narrow down who their craziest fan might be. Avril Lavigne, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem. Without hesitation, Avril has said that the weirdest thing to happen was “probably the dead rabbit I got sent in Japan.”

It would be an honor to get brought up on stage with any famous singer, but imagine how it would feel to get up on stage with none other than the queen, Lady Gaga? Well, this fan clearly didn’t understand how to act because she just grabbed the mic from Gaga and did her own thing.

This infamous bad guy from the Harry Potter series has seen all types of fans throughout his time as a celebrity. But being sent adoption papers from a man in the United States must have made him a bit uncomfortable. The unknown man even went so far as to ask for Felton’s signature to get things rolling.

Girls have been obsessed with Boy Bands for as long as they’ve been around. While most girls just decorate their room with posters and magazine cutouts, this girl went above and beyond and tried to marry a cardboard cutout of the oh-so-cute Harry Styles from One Direction. Maybe she took it too far?

It’s quite impressive to see a celebrity get on stage regardless if they have an injury or not. Instead of giving Jessie J praise when she performed with a broken leg, this wild teenage fan actually broke her own leg, instead! Talk about insanity.

Some people were crazy before they ever became crazy about a famous person. John Warnock Hinckley Jr was so obsessed with Jodie Foster that he thought that attempting to assassinate President Reagan would impress her. Man, was he wrong…and insane.

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