18 Weirdly Awesome Inventions That Only The Japanese Could Have Invented.

18 Weirdly Awesome Inventions That Only The Japanese Could Have Invented. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

All signs point to one simple fact; Japan comes up with some of the most interesting inventions. Everyone already knows that they are true winners in the world of technology. But they’re also known for inventing some brilliant things. Just look at these ideas! They’re capable of changing our lives for the better… if we can get these things shipped across the pond. How these inventions haven’t become a big hit worldwide is mind-boggling. But if you saw these at a store or on Amazon, you’d probably spend your money quickly. So, check out this collection of truly unique items you can only buy in Japan.It sounds so sci-fi-ish but it’s real and available in Japan. Basically, you get to see text notifications, schedule tasks and so much more. You can also customize the color and the audio to alert you depending on a specific task.

If your odor is okay, this robotic dog will wag its little tail. But if your odor is unbearable, the dog will play dead. That’s how fine-tuned the robot’s sensors are. And honestly, we’d rather have the dog tell us before someone else does.

It’s a butter grater. Imagine how much easier this would be every morning. You wouldn’t have to destroy your bread slice while trying to spread that cold hard butter from the fridge. This device would be a hit at the breakfast table.

Instead of rolling a conventional computer mouse on the surface of your desk, use this glove. And if you need to right or left click on something, the power is right there in your fingertips… literally! So buy a ticket to Japan and get this now!

It’s been around since 1956, and this is how it works. You basically wash your hands. Then, that water is used to flush the toilet. What a brilliant way to recycle water, and fortunately, the process can’t be reversed.

**Check out this remote and voice-controlled fridge from Panasonic.** Next time you want something from the fridge, like a beer, you’ll never have to get up and walk to get it. Just call the fridge and it will come.

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It sounds insane. After all, instant ramen is already easy enough. So, this takes laziness to a whole new level, and we love it. The Cupmen keeps the flap closed while the noodles are heating up. It will start to change its color to white to let you know that three minutes have passed and you can eat now.

It keeps an eye on your laptop while you go pick up your frappuccino at the counter. But if someone has sticky fingers and tries to take your laptop, the light ring turns red and an alarm will go off. As a bonus, you’ll also get a notification on your smartphone.

Designers and engineers are still working on getting the contrast just right. At the moment, it’s still a work in progress. But that’s only a temporary setback. In the not so distant future, people will be running to the store to buy themselves a transparent TV.

It was designed by Aasahi Power Services to protect people from the rain, while keeping their hands free to hold things like grocery bags. Some even contain drone technology so that it will hover over you until you find a drier place to stand in.

This desktop washing machine allows your clean your glasses, rings, or any other tiny items in just two minutes. All you have to do is add water, plug it into a USB port, and turn it on, and voila! Your items will come out squeaky clean.

Panasonic came up with this artificial intelligence that analyzes a driver and determines if they’re about to doze off while driving. It checks your facial expressions. The device can even predict potential threats and create ideal conditions that will prevent a driver from going to sleep.

The panel on the device lights up when someone gets about 13 feet from the door. That’s how you’ll know that someone on the other side is about to open it. You’ll never have to worry about getting hit by a co-worker ever again.

This inflatable bath pillow has a hands-free smartphone holder so you can do what you’ve always been afraid of, which is to use your phone while bathing. It comes with a waterproof holder that keeps your device free. So, feel free to swipe freely without any worries.

There are pocket devices designed to be used on shirts and shoes. There are also fans that look a whole lot like headphones, but literally cooler. There are also fans available that attach themselves to a selfie ring light. Now that’s how you deal with the hot weather.

The mirror can help you in two ways. First, it analyzes your skin texture and checks for any nuisances like skin tone, acne, and scars. Then it will print out a makeup mask that will help you hide any imperfections.

The surface of the cushion contains special silicone dots that hold your items in place. So, feel free to swipe up, down, right, and left on your device. It won’t move an inch, or fall on the floor and break.

Karaoke is a big thing in Japan. Everyone seems to love singing and recording videos of themselves. Well, now you can too. This hybrid stick is a whole lot cheaper than buying yourself a selfie drone. So wouldn’t this be fun to have the next time you go to a karaoke bar?

The pillow offers the perfect support, and it doesn’t lose its shape. So just lay on the pillow with your ear in one of the cutouts, and you can hear everything perfectly. It’s also really cool looking, unique, and very futuristic.

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