18 Whimsical Home Décor Ideas For People Who Love Vintage Stuff.

18 Whimsical Home Décor Ideas For People Who Love Vintage Stuff. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

By now, we know that DIY’s are all the rage. However, many DIY projects are just so *modern*. What about the clever crafters who prefer something with a little bit more vintage charm? Here, we’ve put together 18 DIY projects with the vintage-lover in mind. From lacy candle holders to teacup tealights and a vintage key DIY that will make your heart skip a beat – **here are some amazing ways to make you new things look old, and your old things look even older.**Vintage plates can be found at thrift stores for amazingly low prices. Use them to cover an unused wall and give it some vintage charm.

Got a bunch of key s lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Upgrade them with bronze spray paint and appliques for a look that is vintage and gorgeous.

You can use as many crates you like to create this awesome shoe storage system – much more elegant than piling muddy boots on the floor.

Wall organizers are very vintage (think about how an antique shop displays their smaller items). You can use pallet boards to create an organizer, perfect for hanging utensils or storing spices.

This incredible DIY turns an old book into a charming music box. Click the link below the picture for a step-by-step tutorial.

Vintage books are rife with amazing typography and cover art, making them excellent decorations for your home. Just make sure you don’t accidentally take apart any first editions.

This amazing DIY will give boring jars a much needed facelift, and give your dining room table some vintage charm in the process.

Vintage crates give your home a charming, rustic feel, and can be used for storage.

Use floral teacups and candle wax to create adorably candles that would look amazing clustered together on a dining room table – especially with some gorgeous bouquets.

Upgrade some floral thrift store dishware by adding some old-fashioned lettering. You could even use the plates to spell a word and hang up on your walls.

Wooden spools are incredibly cheap at craft stores, and by wrapping them in thick, textured yarn, you can create some brilliant vintage-inspired decorations for your end tables.

Turn a simple cardboard box into a useful, charming piece of vintage storage. This DIY would be perfect for storing jewelry or sewing supplies.

You never thought that Pringles could be turned into something vintage, but by following the steps in this DIY, you’ll have a femininely festooned vintage box in no time.

Tinted glass definitely has a cool, old-timey feel. Check out the DIY below and turn your kitchen glassware into something out of a swinging door saloon.

An old picture frame and some lace join forces to create this jewelry holder with a vintage feel.

Spray glue dollies to a balloon and allow to dry. After the dollies are hardened and dried, pop the balloon – You’ll be left with the perfect decoration for a wedding or baby shower.

Putting a photo of a loved one on a necklace is a great way to keep them close. Add some vintage flair by putting the photos in black and white.

By distressing a coffee table or desk, you can give a piece of furniture a great update while also paying homage to a throwback -Plus, everyone will think you’re awesome at antiquing.

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