19 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Republican.

19 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Republican. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s no secret that Hollywood is predominantly full of stars with liberal minds, but there are a few diamonds in the rough. Here is a surprising list of the Republicans that are hiding among the liberals in Hollywood.

Hilary has been a star ever since she was a child on her own show on the Disney Channel. Because of that, she’s gotten to see firsthand how conservative values can help voters make successful choices. The former Disney star sang at George W. Bush’s 2005 inauguration.

You’ve probably seen Dwayne Johnson in the wrestling ring and on the big screen. Johnson believes in American values and stronger education programs. While he’s considered a moderate Republican, he tends to vote for candidates he can relate to.

Raised as a Southern Baptist, Britney Spears adopted conservative views that she carried with her into adulthood. She supported the war in Iraq during the Bush administration. In her interview with Tucker Carlson in 2003, she spoke about President Bush: “I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens.”

In a world where the majority of people around you are Democrat, Denzel Washington sticks out like a sore thumb. Unlike the majority of the people in Hollywood, Denzel is a proud Republican and has no problem letting people know.

Despite her lifestyle choices, Caitlyn Jenner has a strong Republican voice. She has maintained a close friendship with Donald Trump, but she has expressed some concern about some of the things he’s done while in office.

Lindsay has never been the type to talk openly about her political beliefs because she thought it would hurt her fanbase. But in 2012, Lindsay endorsed Mitt Romney because she believed in his plans for unemployment.

Kris Jenner certainly sticks out in her family of liberals, but she is a proud Republican. “The parents are Republicans and the children are Democrats. So, it’s like a political warfare in our household when we talk about politics,” she explains.

Stacey is well-known as being a vocal Republican. Despite the fact that her political views have hurt her fan-base, she’s appeared on several talk shows to speak about her views.

Brett Favre is well-known for being an all-star athlete in the NFL, spending 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers. It may come as a bit of a surprise, though, that Favre is a long time running Republican supporter and voter.

Vince Vaughn is a bit of a pariah in Hollywood. Despite the fact that he’s in a predominantly liberal community, Vince stands by his Republican views for guns in school to prevent mass shootings and other second amendment rights.

Melissa Joan Hart is just one of many childhood stars, but she differs from the rest of them in one simple way: she’s stood strong in her Republican values.

It should not come as a surprise to you to find out that Mel Gibson is a devoted Republican. Even though he doesn’t currently live in the United States, he has a connection to the Republicans because of his strong Christian faith.

Inspired by her father, Jessica holds extremely conservative views. She’s always grown up in a strict religious home, which has caused her to align herself with her families’ conservative views.

Drew Carey is a registered Republican who shares his views with Libertarians. Carey has invested a lot of his time and money into different Republican campaigns, including Ron Paul’s.

Comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter Adam Sandler strongly identifies as a conservative Republican. He’s even donated money to several Republican candidates, such as Rudy Giuliani.

Even though Laura played a devout liberal on the hit TV show, That 70’s Show, Laura says that she holds many conservative views. Like so many others, Laura sides with candidates that speak to her. She’s a gun enthusiast and was a big supporter of President George W. Bush.

Curtis James Jackson III is his real name but you know him by 50 Cent. The singer, songwriter, actor, movie producer, and entrepreneur is passionate about America and he’s always voted for candidates that feel the same way. In 2005, 50 Cent spoke out against those that were criticizing President Bush. In a 2005 interview with GQ Magazine, 50 Cent said, “I wanna meet George Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him.”

Even though Bruce Willis has admitted that he voted Democrat in the 1988 election, he has voted Republican in every general election ever since. As a proud Republican, Willis is a huge advocate for the second amendment.

Owen Wilson is not openly opinionated, but he does cling to his conservative views. Wilson and his good friend, Vince Vaughn, attempted to attend the Young Republicans Convention in D.C., in 2004, and while Wilson was allowed to attend, Vaughn was not admitted. He told USA Today, “Vince actually is a Republican and they didn’t believe him. They saw me and said, ‘Come on in.’ But to Vince, they said, ‘We know you’re not a Republican.’”

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