19 Of The Worst Deals In Retail History… #17 That’s NOT How Sales Work!

19 Of The Worst Deals In Retail History… #17 That’s NOT How Sales Work! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You’re no fool. When you’re out shopping, you can tell a good deal from a bad one. You’re all for saving a few bucks but shake your head at false or shady advertising. Still, even the best of us get tricked from time to time. Take a look at the example of Black Friday. Some people wait to recover from food coma to shop around or avoid it altogether but there are millions who brave the traffic with belies stuffed with turkey and pie and line up with hopes that they’ll get their hands on one of the few flat screen TVs on sale. The thing is, the best deals aren’t always on Black Friday. In fact some Black Friday sales are repeated throughout the year, some just a few days before Christmas and some after. Many shoppers know this but join in on the holiday hustle and bustle for a number of reasons such as continuing a family tradition or because they’re pressed on time. However, there are plenty of others that are actually misled. Black Friday isn’t the only time when we’re tricked into thinking we’re getting the best deal. Companies try to trick us all the time. Want proof? just check out some of the worst deals ever offered below.Definitely a steal for customers who can’t do the math. Maybe this is a sign to stop drinking soda…

Where are you putting that extra money, Walmart?!

At least they’re being honest about how much you’ll be overspending. If only all price tags were so informative…

They’re charging fifty cents extra. We’ve just about had it with these “rollback” prices!

Aw darn, we thought these were camouflage sandals. Got us good.

Let us guess… $15.00 for REALLY REALLY DEEP? Hurry! Sale ends soon.

They’re actually getting paid for this. “Master of deception” added to their resumes.

… especially when you’ve got a gigantic sign to remind you that you’ll be saving absolutely nothing.

This is probably the only good one on the list. Nothing beats puppies but Snoop Dogg can hang.

Five bucks says these panties are a little suspect and if we’re wrong, you can buy five new ones.

Longs Drug reminds us of the profound message that we often pay a price and get nothing in return.

This is like finding $1.50 items at the 99 cents store. Oh, the trickery!

If you wait ’til next week, you might get two cents off but with a deal like this would you even want to take the risk?

Pure waste of ink, paper, and time! It’s even in one of those “bargain baskets.”

Ziploc bags are so hot right now, we’ve been saving up for them all year.

Now that’s what we call a load of crock. Why even put a sign?

This is almost as silly as that time Jessica Simpson thought Buffalo wings were made of Buffalo.

When they say “runs well,” I think they’re talking about me whenever I see deals like this.

And finally, the next time you’re shopping, push your cart to the tune of “I write sins not shopping receipts.”

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