19 People Who Should Be Banned From Gardening Forever.

19 People Who Should Be Banned From Gardening Forever. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

When people get bored, they tend to get creative, or think they are. Before long, they can’t resist that little voice inside their heads that tells them that they can turn something mundane into something extraordinary, at least, according to them. Suddenly, no venue is safe from some really bad DIY fails, and that includes gardening. Don’t believe us? Then check out this gardening fails that are simply too ridiculous and in some cases funny to believe. But before you, do we’d like to warn you one last time, if you have a green thumb and respect nature, don’t look at these or you might have a coronary.But that coat hanger is hideous, and who would have thought that a size 52 bra would make a nice planter? Uh, that would be no one! Maybe someone who likes kitsch?

The only thing worse than having a snake coming up from a toilet seat is a cactus! But from a gardening perspective, we’d have to say that a non-functioning toilet in the backyard is the ultimate fail.

Suddenly putting a garden to give your passenger something to look at doesn’t seem like such a great idea when all those mini cacti turn into daggers.

Who could admire this otherwise beautiful plant with empty egg shells on the tips? It’s like a chicken’s afterbirth sac. Yuck! No thanks! We’ll pass.

But you won’t be scaring any birds with this jean-ious idea! You’ll be scaring your neighbors and family members off your lawn.

But a fear of sharks might! So, when you go into your mailbox and wonder why you haven’t been getting any mail in over a month, blame Jaws over here.

But to the rest of the world, this is nothing more than a graveyard for 90s Mac computers. If Steve Jobs were alive, he’d call this gardener out on it.

Yeah, right! It’s like Mother Nature sneaking up from the concrete trying to take back what humanity stole from her. This will definitely give the kiddies some nightmares.

If you’re going to decorate a garden, make sure you include these bright eyed and bushy tailed fellows. It’ll scare the living daylights out of anything that might try to eat your plants.

Sadly, like money, cigarettes don’t grow on trees or plants, and this just looks tacky. You certainly don’t want your neighbors to know that you’re a freaking chain smoker.

We can’t even imagine who would do this? Maybe a plumber with a green thumb? About the only ones who would be okay with these are the plants because they’ll always have a flushing good time.

It’s like getting a visit from some sort of garden mulching monster. You don’t know if you should take a photo of it or stick a pitchfork in it.

The veil will open and swallow your front yard whole! If this army of gnomes, frogs, and whatnot aren’t enough reason to call a neighborhood meeting, then we don’t know what would be.

But maybe that’s why that garden bunny is looking a bit homicidal! Maybe it wants to come after you because you’ve been paying too much attention to the great pumpkin patch.

We can’t help but wonder what inspired someone to do this. Sure, it looks okay for a kid’s playground, but where are all the plants?

Since Styrofoam cups take too long to degrade naturally, this garden guru decided to turn them into hats for their cacti. Well, the nicest thing we can say about this is that at least no one will get hurt while playing near those thorny plants.

Imagine heading to the garden and sitting outside with a cup of tea, only to find these mannequin heads staring back at you. It’s just disturbing and weird.

Actually, it’s a heritage palm that requires rearrangement of your roof to avoid damage. Otherwise that tree will rearrange your home when it takes your roof off.

Could you really walk out of the house knowing that this humongous beast is lurking in your garden. On the plus side, it will also terrify potential robbers and nosy neighbors.

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