19 Surprising Statements Made By Trump-Hating Celebrities.

19 Surprising Statements Made By Trump-Hating Celebrities. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There’s no denying that President Trump has gathered a huge following of critics and haters. On many occasions, celebrities have made their opinions of the president widely known through the airwaves and on social media. Here are 19 statements made by celebrities about the president.

Kathy Griffin has had no problems showing how she feels about President Trump. In fact, she was photographed holding a fake, bloodied head that was meant to look like Donald Trump. Her photo was compared to Islamic State propaganda, and because of her actions, she was fired from her job on CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast, as well as several other shows that she had scheduled. Despite her consequences, Griffin vows to continue to “make fun” of President Trump during her comedy tour.

The 2016 presidential election made everyone feel a little crazy, but when the star of “Orange is the New Black” actress Lea DeLaria, found a meme about solving violence through music, she felt that it was important that she voiced her own opinion. DeLaria wrote, “[O]r pick up a baseball bat and take out every f*cking republican and independent I see.” She followed up the post with the hashtags: “#f*cktrump,” #f*ckstraightwhiteamerica,” “#f*cktheGOP,” and “#f*ckyourprivilege.”

The 52-year-old director of the “Avengers” movie, Joss Whedon, has never been shy about his feelings towards Trump and his administration. While in the midst of a rant, Whedon posted on Twitter: “Violence solves nothing. I want a rhino to f*ck @SpeakerRyan to death with its horn because it’s FUNNY, not because he’s a #GOPmurderbro.” Then, once Trump won the election he tweeted that Mr. Trump “CANNOT be allowed a term in office.” Obviously, things didn’t go his way. That’s for sure.

In April of 2016, Mickey Rourke went on a Trump-hating rant that could be heard all around the world. “Donald Trump can go f*ck himself. His wife said, ‘Oh, he’s a tough guy.’ He’s not a tough guy, he’s a bully and a b*tch and he can suck my f*cking d*ck. I’ll meet him in a hotel room any motherf*cking day of the week and give him a Louisville slugger. Kiss my motherf*cking a** you b*tch punk c***sucker,” Rourke said in an interview with TMZ News.

This well-known pop star didn’t have anything nice to say about Trump during the anti-Trump Women’s March on Washington. As she addressed the large audience, she said, “Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I’m outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, but I know that this won’t change anything,” she shouted. She continued working up the crowd by saying, “Are you ready to shake up the world? Welcome to the revolution of love, to the rebellion, to our refusal as women to accept this new age of tyranny, where not just women are in danger but all regionalized people. Where being uniquely different, right now, might truly be considered a crime.”

Snoop Dogg, a talented rapper from California, made a music video for his song “Lavender” that featured President Trump in it. In the video, Snoop Dogg pointed and shot a fake gun at a man that was dressed to look like Trump wearing a clown costume. It may have been fake, but Snoop Dogg’s intentions were very clear.

When Snoop Dogg was asked to explain the video, he stated “I feel like it’s a lot of people making cool records, having fun, partying, but nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f*cking clown as president, and the sh*t that we dealing with out here, so I wanted to take time out to push pause on a party record and make one of these records for the time being.”

While Robert De Niro was working on a voter registration PSA during the United States Presidential Election of 2016, he was filmed ranting about Trump during an outtake of the video. “He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, he’s a bullsh*t artist, a mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care, thinks he’s gaming society, doesn’t pay his taxes,” said the Oscar-winning actor. “He’s an embarrassment to this country. He talks [about] how he wants to punch people in the face… I’d like to punch him in the face,” he continued.

In the summer of 2017, New York City’s Public Theater put on a production of Shakespeare’s Julius Casear…but with a twist. In their production, Caesar was dressed up just like Donald Trump, complete with a suit, tie, and Trump’s infamous hair-do. And just like the original play, “Caesar” was stabbed to death on stage. The Public Theater stood by their production, despite losing sponsors, such as Bank of America and Delta Airlines.

David Simon, the creator of the hit HBO show “The Wire,” wasn’t happy when he heard that President Trump was considering firing the Special Counsel Robert Mueller overseeing the investigation in Russia. In fact, Simon encouraged Americans to “pick up a goddamn brick” if Trump went through with it. Despite the fact that Simon tweeted “If Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller and is allowed to do so, pick up a goddamn brick. That’s all that’s left to you,” he claims that his tweet was not meant to incite violence.

Rappers Nipsy Hussle and YG had their own way of expressing their opinions during the election. When they released a song called “F*ck Donald Trump,” the world stopped and stared. With lyrics like: “I like white folks, but I don’t like you/All the n*ggas in the hood wanna fight you/Surprised El Chapo ain’t tried to snipe you/Surprised the Nation of Islam ain’t tried to find you/Have a rally out in L.A., we gon’ f*ck it up,” and “You vote Trump then you’re prolly on dope/And if your a** do win, you gon’ prolly get smoked,” it’s no surprise that the rapper’s record label was contacted by the Secret Service.

Marilyn Manson released a music video for his song “Say10” right around Election Day. And he sure did stick with his typical “shock factor” with the video, as well. While ripping the pages out of a Bible in the video, Manson stood over a lifeless body that resembled Donald Trump. A split-second later, you see a decapitated Trump impersonator laying on the ground in a pool of blood.

In April of 2016, the former House of Pain frontman and rapper, Everlast, had a whole bunch to say about Trump during an interview with Billboard. “Like, for real, if I met Donald Trump, I’d punch him in his f*cking face. And that’s not a joke. Even if he did become president — watch out, Donald Trump, because I will punch you in your f*cking face if I ever meet you. Secret Service had better just f*cking be on it. Don’t let me anywhere within a block. This is horrible,” he ranted.

Larry Wilmore, the former late-night host and contributor of the Daily Show, made a bad “joke” about suffocating Donald Trump on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show. “Anyway, since we’re talking about bigotry, we have to mention Donald Trump. Sorry everyone, I don’t wont to give him any more oxygen. That’s not a euphemism by the way; I mean it literally. Somebody get me the pillow they used to kill Scalia, and I’ll do it. I’ll do it!” Wilmore then began to demonstrate what suffocating Trump to death would actually look like, followed by the words: “I could get in trouble for that, actually!”

Stephen Colbert, from the Late Show on CBS, did a segment where they pretended that Trump’s aide, Stephen Miller, was being attacked in different scenes from cable TV shows. For example, they showed Miller being attacked by Negan’s spiked bat from the show “The Walking Dead,” and then his head was shown on a spike similar to the one from the HBO show, “Game of Thrones.”

Sarah Silverman has always made it very clear how she felt about President Trump, but nothing showed her dissatisfaction more than the time she suggested that the U.S. military join the anti-Trump resistance effort: “WAKE UP & JOIN THE RESISTANCE. ONCE THE MILITARY IS W US FASCISTS GET OVERTHROWN. MAD KING & HIS HANDLERS GO BYE BYE,” she tweeted. After comparing Trump’s victory to the Great Depression, it’s clear that she’s never going to get on the side of 45.

While at the United We Stand rally in New York in January of 2017, Cher expressed her undeniable sadness and anger at the fact that Trump is president. “Never once did I dream that there would be one through arrogance and ignorance, who could change our world, who could change the face of our world…I know you can stop this, because the power of the people is bigger than those assholes that are there in Washington. I tried not to have a potty mouth, but it’s just me, okay? You must never give up, because the thing that will help us, that will get us through this, is anger. Otherwise, we’ll be in sadness and depression,” she said to the crowd.

Paranormal fiction writer, Stephen King, has certainly been very open about the disgust he feels towards President Trump. In September of 2017, King tweeted: “Trump’s no friend of the working man. If you’re working for wages, brothers and sisters, he couldn’t give Sh*t One about you… Check his tax plan. Same old same old. The fat man’s busy dancing while the poor man pays the band.”

Olivia Wilde, an actress from the hit TV show “House,” had nothing nice to say about Trump after his 2017 speech in Phoenix, Arizona. First thing in the morning, Olivia tweeted: “Hi good morning I despise Donald Trump with all my guts, and his speech last night only confirmed what a pathetic, petulant, dishonest pig he is, and you may now proceed to tell me why I’m an old, ugly, wretched communist and I will give precisely zero f****.” Ouch! That’s definitely one way to start the day!

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