19 Tattoos To Match Your Career, The One For Photographers Is So Clever.

19 Tattoos To Match Your Career, The One For Photographers Is So Clever. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Most professions today are not tattoo friendly, especially corporate ones. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t ink whatever you want onto your body! You just have to keep in mind the placement of the tattoo — make sure it’s located somewhere not exposed and can easily be covered by clothing. With that said, ironically as it is, a lot of people like to get tattoos dedicated to their careers (even if the profession doesn’t allow it). A lot of people are passionate about their career, so what better way to show that passion than with a forever lasting tattoo? You can be in the field of the arts, science, anything — there’s most likely some type of tattoo you can get to represent it. Here’s a list of some profession related tattoos to help you get started.Architects design and bring life to the buildings we see everyday. They build cities. What better tattoo to represent this profession than a landscape of a city?

You could be a novel writer, magazine writer, freelance writer, anything. Whatever it is, you love to write. It comes easy to you. Getting a tattoo could be something as simple as quotation marks, a pen, or a pencil to something a little less subtle like a pile of books or a typewriter.

Maybe you’re the head chef of the kitchen, or a cook in a restaurant, whatever it is — you’re passionate about the food you create and put on a plate. You can get something simple like cooking utensils or a chef’s hat and apron.

Photography can be your main career or your hobby. You can either make your main income from it or some side hustle. Either way, you love taking photos. An obvious tattoo for this one is a camera but you could also get creative with images of film strips or aperture.

A very subtle and simple tattoo for any doctor, nurse, or person in the medical field. You could also get a heart beat.

For the people who are in the profession of rocks. A tattoo in dedication of a geologist career can actually be very creative. You can play around with the imagery of rocks and crystals.

People who cut and style hair are confident in their craft. They have to be in this profession. Usually a pair of scissors and/or comb make a great subtle tattoo for the profession.

Veterinarians are special doctors who care for special creatures — our pets and other animals. An easy route to go about a veterinarian tattoo would be dog paws however the tattoo can be based on any type of animal the doctor wishes.

Scientist is also another broad term. This can mean you’re in the work of biology, chemistry, etc. However, they all use somewhat of the same tools. Here you can see an array of subtle options any scientist could get inked.

They’re so elegant and delicate. Why not get a delicate and elegant tattoo to match the profession? That could be a silhouette of an actual ballerina in any size or even just a pair of ballerina shoes.

For those who professionally swim or just love to swim in general, a tattoo of someone diving into the water is a good choice. If you wanted to go the more subtle route, you can opt out for a tattoo of the ocean or something that represents water.

Aside from the hair stylist tattoo, a pair of scissors can also be used for a fashion designer tattoo. Pair the scissors with a sewing machine and you’re good to go.

Makeup artists take pride in their work. They get a lot of negativity from others who don’t understand nor believe in makeup. To them, makeup enhances a person’s beauty, to them it’s war paint. You could get a tattoo of multiple makeup items like in this photo or you can get something as simple as one lipstick.

A dentist doesn’t necessairly love teeth, but they love giving people beautiful teeth. You can do something simple like one single tooth or a tattoo of a whole set of teeth. This was has a face added to the tooth to add some comical flare to it.

These tattoos are for basically anyone in a profession that revolves around computers — can be computer engineers, developers, or anyone who works in IT. A simple mouse icon and hourglass brings back a nostalgic feeling from before laptops came out.

Artist is a very general term — you could be a painter, sketcher, sculptor, etc. A tattoo of the utensils you use will be a clear indication of what you do.

If you’re a singer, you’ve got a profession that’s most likely more lenient on exposed tattoos. Take advantage of that opportunity by tattooing a microphone or musical notes to indicate your passion for music.

Or if you’re a DJ, you can get some ink done of all the typical DJ equipment. This one’s a little less subtle.

A little ironic, we know. But having a bunch of tattoos doesn’t necessairly indicate a person is a tattoo artist. So why not get some tattoo guns inked?

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