19 Things Everyone Should Do After A Breakup… #8 Is Essential.

19 Things Everyone Should Do After A Breakup… #8 Is Essential. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s arguably one of the worst feelings in the world, and one that we all have to learn to process in our own ways. Getting dumped is awful, and some people deal with the situation seemingly effortlessly, and others succumb to their sadness for awhile before finally coming through it with a few scars. Since all of us have been through it at one point or another, one has to wonder: Is there a foolproof way to get over it? Well, every breakup is different — but this advice will help you navigate your way through a breakup a little bit easier. From taking a trip to getting a haircut to confiding in a friend, these are all the things that will help you close up the previous, heartbreaking chapter of your life and move on. If you’re in the unfortunate circumstance of recently being dumped, you’re definitely going to want to give this list a thoughtful read. You’ll be surprised at how much #10 can help.Upgrade you bedroom to a new look — and remove memories and scents of your ex in the process. Win, win!

You might want to analyze and agonize over every tweet and status update, so it’s best if you just remove yourself from their social media life entirely. If you’re worried you won’t have the willpower to not take a sneaky peek, ask a friend to change all your passwords. Extreme, but it works.

And make sure that playlist does NOT contain any songs that may remind you of your ex. Here’s a good rule of thumb: When it comes to breakups, the more Beyonce, the better.

Let yourself be sad and don’t be afraid to unleash your pent-up feelings. After all, emotions can be cathartic and help you move forward.

You might want to end things amicably and keep the friendship, but it’s best to sort things out on your own, and to figure out whether a friendship could work.

Wait a few days after the breakup to make sure you’re not too emotional, and once you’re ready, change your look. Dye your hair, get a manicure, or even pierce something. In other words, just emerge a whole new you.

You’ve got your amazing new look so now it’s time to show it off. All you need to show your ex what they’ll be missing — or attract some new suitors to the mix.

Don’t destroy them unless you’re really sure, but it’s healthy to hide them or keep them with a friend until you have time and enough mental clarity to process.

When you’re sad, you need endorphins to feel better again. Plus, you’ll feel confident in your new svelte body when you’re done.

Animals help you heal emotionally, so try and find one to cuddle. Then again, don’t think this is a free pass to adopt a new animal out of nowhere — try hanging out with a pal’s first.

There’s nothing like putting on your sexiest clothes and heading out to party. After all, you’re single, you’re free, and you can drink as much as you want — have a great night out and remind yourself what a blast you are.

You can’t heal heartbreak by jumping into a new fling, but there’s nothing wrong with reminding yourself there’s still other options out there to work with.

Whether on your own or with a friend, traveling can definitely help clear your mind, help you heal, and remind you that life can be awesome without your ex.

Nights out are great, but it’s also helpful to spend some time alone with your favorite movies, snacks, and comfy clothes.

Go to a bar on your own, take a class, or even do something extreme like skydiving! Whatever it is, you’ll shake things up and spice up your life quicker than you can say “breakup.”

Like movies, books are an excellent escape from the stresses of real life — why not lose yourself in a good story to push the feelings off until your better equipped to deal with them?

Don’t isolate yourself from your friends. Even if it hurts to talk about, pour your heart out and be honest with your friends — if they’re for real, they’ll give you the space to do so.

Don’t live with any regrets from your relationship, and learn to focus on the good things that are happening in your life. Friends, travel, fun, family, food — all of these things are there for you to enjoy without your ex.

If you carry anger with you, it will ultimately drag you down. Instead, try to focus on forgiving the person that hurt you and moving on with your life. You will definitely be better off for it in the end.

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