Funny Illustrations That Reveal The Two Kinds Of People There Are In The World.

Funny Illustrations That Reveal The Two Kinds Of People There Are In The World. October 4, 2019

To say that we live in a world where things are black and white would be totally wrong. But there are some instances where a gray area simply doesn’t exist, like the kind of people there are. In fact, there always seems to be two kinds of people in the world. So, you either wind up doing things the right way or the wrong way. To that end, Portuguese artist Joao Rocha has provided us with the perfect visual example of these two types of people who can be as different as night and day in the way they think and act. Check out these hilarious pics and tell us if you don’t recognize yourself or someone you know.

Today we’re a whole lot pickier, spending money on what we think is the best and purest type of water to put in our bodies. But some people opt for purified, while others prefer a little sparkle in their drink.

But it turns out that some prefer to peel as they go, so they don’t get their hands all sticky, while others choose to be free and toss Mother Nature’s skin completely before taking the first bite.

We think it’s cool that someone will add the link, in case the video fails to pop up. But others prefer to make things simpler and less chaotic and remove the link after the video pops up.

Nah! There’s just a different way of pouring that’s all. Maybe you prefer to pour the cereal in first and then the milk. While someone else might choose to pour their cereal into a bowl full of milk instead.

You can either shut out the world by closing your curtains or blinds, or you can open your curtains so you can greet the world and let the sun in.

Some prefer to eat the way they read, from left to right. Others would rather go in a circle and just nom, nom, nom until all the kernels are in their tummies.

You might notice the difference as you and your significant other help each other wrap gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. One person might be patient enough to peel the label of slowly, while the other person is so impatient they wind up ripping off the sticker.

Some would prefer them plain, but might choose to add something like banana on top. But someone else might choose to go all traditional and add some butter on top and lots and lots of maple syrup.

If you do the one on the left, you can actually twist the tab and use the hole to hold your straw. But if the tab is really annoying you might just twist it off altogether and be done with it.

Some people like to scoop some up with their spoon first as if they were eating a piece of pie. But others might want to swirl it around with their spoon before taking their first bite.

The extracted files on the left are easy because you can view the contents, but they took up a lot more space on your hard drive. The Zip files are compressed, so you save more space, but you’ll have a tough time accessing the docs.

While there’s a reason for someone’s madness for having so many icons and files on their smartphone, others prefer a simpler, clutter-free alternative to find things easier.

Some would prefer to shut out the world with their blinds closed all the time. But others don’t mind pulling on the string to let the blinds sort of partially let some light in, and it’s perfect when you’re spying on your neighbors.

But do you always do what you’re told to do or what it says on a box? Maybe you’ve decided to embrace your rebellious side and hold the box the other way.

Some would definitely choose to go for the more traditional design of a bulb, while others would rather be more energy conservative and environmentally friendly by choosing the spiraled alternative.

While the usual calmer self would never munch on a number 2 pencil while in class or at work, others are so tense that they end up turning into woodchucks.

Some folks would rather turn off their chat settings when they’re online or on their phones. Others would much rather be sociable and keep their options open. But then again, who can say no to a friend’s list full of Power Rangers or Billy Cranston?

Is it possible that the world is really this divided that people will choose different types of plugs? Clearly, they do, but it’s all part of the quirkiness that you’d come to expect in today’s modern world.