2 Sisters Recorded Themselves On Facebook Live Just Moments Before Being Crushed By A Tractor.

2 Sisters Recorded Themselves On Facebook Live Just Moments Before Being Crushed By A Tractor. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

These days, we seem to be obsessed about capturing just about everything on video to post on social media. It’s not surprising that we’ve become a society that loves to share where we go, who we meet, what we eat, and in some cases, how we die. That’s exactly what happened to two young sisters who were recording themselves while riding a tractor truck when things went horribly wrong and they wound up recording their final moments of life.Through Facebook Live, followers watched as these teens, who were full of life and a hopeful future, fell off a tractor as it was moving. The footage is so dramatically horrifying that it will make your own heart stop.

Liza Carolina, 19, and Norma Noemi Ortiz Diaz, 16, lost their lives after suffering life-threatening injuries after falling off a tractor, but it wasn’t the fall the wound up ending their lives.

When they fell, the truck was unable to stop in time, and the girls were ultimately crushed by the gigantic vehicle. The worse thing is that their final moments were immortalized in such a tragic way.

It was a typical day on July 11th, 2017, one of so many days that were still ahead for these beautiful young women. During the recording you could tell that the sisters were very happy.

The other sister tried to keep her sibling from falling off but couldn’t. Ultimately, the falling sister wound up dragging her other sister down with her to a horrible end.

While it’s true that adult supervision might have made a huge difference here, it’s also clear that this was just an unfortunate accident that no one could have seen coming.

A broken arm or leg would have been preferable to being crushed by a tractor in the province of Boqueron. It was simply an unfortunate event that no one could have foreseen.

As the truck passed over the teens, the weight of the tractor cause serious lacerations throughout their bodies that along with the crushing weight, ultimately proved fatal.

Granted, the teens were posting on Facebook live, but some just don’t understand the level of morbid curiosity that would make someone hit play to watch such a gruesome end.

These types of death are unfortunately far more common than people realize. There are those that risk climbing to the top of a cell phone tower to take the ultimate selfie, something which many feel is society’s influence and it has to stop.

It’s even worse that so much negative attention is being focused on what happened because some netters have been less than sympathetic about the reason that lead to the death of these girls.

As the teens fell, they let go of the cell phone from their hands, so at best you just see the phone falling to the ground, but you might be able to hear the screams of the girls.

After all, even though the girls falling was just an accident, riding in front of a moving tractor is a no-brainer, and any adult should have been like “Hey there, hold on! Now wait a minute!” And told the girls to get off.

But the video may serve to deter others from making the same fatal mistake. At the very least, it will make our world’s youth realize that selfies and videos are just not worth our lives.

**Click on the video below to watch the final moments of these Paraguayan teens as they laugh and bond shortly before their untimely end.**

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