2 Years After Her Husky Went Missing, She Learned The Alarming Truth About Microchips.

2 Years After Her Husky Went Missing, She Learned The Alarming Truth About Microchips. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Her heart was pumping like crazy the second she saw the black car roll up next to her. The sheriff stepped out of the car and opened the back door. In a matter of seconds, her one and true friend came running towards her at full speed. She couldn’t help but burst into tears, and it felt so good. After all, she’d been holding back the pain for one too many years.

Her heart was racing fast, and she couldn’t do much about it. Not that she wanted to. The situation called for such a response! But she couldn’t help but wonder if she was hallucinating or what. It had been two long years. Even though she thought she’d never see him again, she couldn’t help but wonder….could that really be him? She made eye contact with her very best friend in the entire world and that’s when it hit her. It was him!

Californian Kameroun Mares had to learn how to face some difficulties from a young age, as she was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. Time went on and the cancer had finally gone into remission, but she was left to deal with some horrible side effects. The disease had taken a toll on her emotionally, but she also suffered from hyperglycemia and depression. It suddenly dawned on her: she needed a positive influence by her side! And what could be more positive and fun than adopting a dog?

There’s nothing more terrifying that hearing your doctor breaking the news. Your whole life flashes before your eyes when you realize you’ve got the “big C.” You feel all alone in the battle, so naturally, being surrounded by a cuddly furry creature who’ll walk by your side is one of the best ways to stay positive and healthy. Even petting a dog causes your body to release endorphins. Kameroun had made up her mind, so she started doing some research.

But Kameroun wanted to be a responsible dog owner, so instead of bringing back home the first dog she found, she did her research first. She needed an active companion who’d enjoy going on daily runs with her, which is why she was convinced a Siberian Husky would be the right pup for her. She made sure to prepare before bringing her new puppy home, and had even chosen a name for him. But she would’ve never expected to be so devoted to her new friend .

Huskies are known for their handsome good looks, and wolf-like features, and much like wolves, they’re a protective bunch. This magnificent breed originated in northeastern Siberia, and they were bred to withstand long distances under the cold weather. If there’s one thing you can say about these blue-eyed beauties is that they’re a resilient bunch! But Kameroun could’ve never imagined she’d get so attached to her new pup.

Kameroun had finally found the perfect companion, and she chose a name that fit him to a T. It was time for Semper Fidelis, (which stands for “always faithful”) to come home and meet her humble abode. Semper was everything she’d ever wanted and more. Soon enough, he went from a chubby little puppy to a playful and majestic dog who spent every waking moment by her side. Only problem was, huskies are not an easy breed.

Kameroun loved nothing more but to hear her beloved husky play around her, and he made for the very best companion when it was time to go on a walk. But huskies are not an easy breed, particularly when it comes to walking on lead!

When it comes to walking and running along with your new pup, it is often advised you restrain them with a harness or a leash. Semper was pretty hard to manage. He’d often tug on the leash whenever they two of them would go on a walk. But it’s not like he could help it! Huskies are bred to be endurance runners, as they used to run and pulls sleds. As a matter of fact, huskies tend to run away more often than other dogs, and Kameroun knew this, which is why she always kept a tight grip on him. Sadly, Kameroun was about to experience her biggest fear, but unbeknownst to her, what happened when Semper went missing was a bigger mystery than she had predicted.

Kameroun knew she had to keep a tight grip on Semper. It’s not like he was trying to run away, but this particular breed are pretty self-sufficient and stubborn, and they like to explore. Unfortunately, many huskies end up at shelters as so many people get caught up in their beauty without realizing that they’re a pretty challenging bunch! But Semper was a unique pup, and Kameroun had done her research beforehand. But when her beloved friend went missing, she was heartbroken. Little did she know that her whole world was about to do a 180.

Semper and Kameroun went together like peanut butter and jelly. They loved each other’s company, even when she was too sick to play with him. They’d been through the many ups and downs associated with her illness, but her loyal companion never seemed to mind. He’d stuck by her side and it was thanks to his unconditional love that Kameroun was starting to feel a lot better little by little. One day, she decided to take off to Florida in 2015 and move her entire life. Semper was right by her side, of course. But the unexpected happened and it ended up changing her life for the worse.

Now that Kameroun was starting to feel like her own self again, she felt strong enough to start a new life. She moved to Florida and started over, only this time, she’d have her lovely companion by her side…or so she thought. Sadly, life was about to hit her hard.

Kameroun was already getting treatment in Florida, when suddenly, she woke up to some awful news. Her medical insurance wouldn’t cover the treatment in a new state. If she wanted to keep fighting for her life, she would have to move back to California, at least until she was done with treatment. Kameroun was left speechless. She couldn’t envision herself without her beautiful pup, but she needed to focus on her health. She was really close to finishing treatment, so she decided she’d leave Semper in Florida with a trustworthy and reliable person. But that would prove to be the biggest mistake of her life.

When life throws you a curveball, you’ve got to ask yourself, how are you going to deal with it? Kameroun couldn’t even imagine life without Semper by her side. They were used to doing pretty much everything together. How was she supposed to give up on her buddy? Who’d wake her up in the morning now? Who would get all excited and start wagging its tail whenever she’d get near the door, thinking it was time for their daily walk? She had to make sure he’d be taken care of, but she could’ve never imagined something like this would ever happen…otherwise, she probably wouldn’t have left.

Kameroun made arrangements for her roommate to take care of her pup, but she’d also hire a pet sitter to take care of him while her roommate was absent from the home. But one day, her life did a 180 in the worst possible way. Kameroun got a phone call that paralyzed her with fear. “I was told by my roommate Semper had escaped through the front door,” she told ABC News. “I asked, ‘Did he have a collar on?’ My roommate said he didn’t know.”

There’s nothing worse than losing a pet, particularly when someone else wasn’t careful enough with your beloved dog. Kameroun’s heart started raising fast. Where was Semper and how could anyone be so irresponsible? She’d thought of every little detail to make sure Semper would be safe, but she wasn’t able to be there for him and keep him safe. Now, all she could do was wonder if she’d ever see him again.

It was every pet owner’s nightmare, and Kameroun couldn’t help but wish she would wake up from it. She did everything in her power to find her beloved dog by putting uo flyers, joining pet groups, sharing his photo on social media, and pretty much getting word around that he was missing. Two long years went by, but there was still no sign of Semper. On a whim, she decided to check her pup’s microchip records online. After all, she had nothing to lose! But she found something that left her with more questions than answers!

After two years, many pet owners would’ve probably given up by now, but Kameroun couldn’t stop looking. She felt defeated, but she wanted to make one last ditch effort to see if perhaps, Semper’s microchip held the answers to where he had been all these years. But things were about to get much more complicated than she could’ve imagined.

Microchipping your dog is a simple and pretty inexpensive way to keep tabs on your pup, as they contain identification numbers that people can use to contact you in case your dog gets lost. But for some odd reason, Kameroun discovered that Semper had been microchipped twice. The original records belonged to the American Kennel Club. But a company by the name PetKey had added a new microchip shortly after he went missing. Kameroun was livid. She immediately hired “Ana Campos Investigations’” services and even got a lawyer. She was fighting this until the very end.

Would she finally find out what happened to Semper after all this time? After all, it’s been two years. Perhaps, he wasn’t even alive. The thought of Semper being gone completely paralyzed her with fear, but she needed to know what happened to him. Now, she was even more determined to find Semper. But when the private investigator did her research, she found something that left Kameroun in shock.

Ana Campos Investigators, (ACI) made a startling discovery. In a cruel turn of events, they discovered that Semper had never run away. “In reality, he was never missing; he was sold,” said Kameroun. “He was stolen [by my roommate] and sold from me without my consent.” Kameroun could’ve never imagined her own roommate would be cruel enough to sell her beloved pet, and she did so for a miserable $200. But where in the world was Semper?

Humans know no boundaries when it comes to greed. “How could anyone be this cruel?” she thought to herself. Evil is everywhere and Kameroun was well aware of it. But she could’ve never imagined she had left her poor helpless dog with such a cruel monster. How could her roommate do such a thing? But Kameroun didn’t have time to dwell. She needed to find Semper, wherever he may be!

After a long legal battle, Kameroun’s efforts payed off and the court ruled in her favor. There was no question about who was Semper’s owner in her mind. But now she was legally declared the rightful owner. Ana Campos Investigations went on to upload a video on YouTube that caused quite a stir. They captioned it: “Watch at your own risk of crying immediately. Here is the video and audio from Kameroun Mares reunion with her dog Semper today.”

Two years had gone by but their bond was as strong as ever. Perhaps, Semper’s new owners may have loved and protected him through these years, but he was never able to forget his rightful owner. When Campos posted the video of Semper reuniting with Kameron, it left the internet in tears. Would it take him a few minutes to recognize her?

The video shows a calm husky pup in the back of a black car, wagging his tale like the friendly dog he is. The officer opens the door to let him out. He’s holding him tightly on a leash, but the second Kameroun laid eyes on him, she screamed, “Semper!” His ears pricked forward as soon as he heard her voice. But what would Kameroun do if he didn’t recognize her after so long?

Semper started pulling on the officer’s leash, hysterically trying to free himself. It only took a few moments for the pup to run straight towards her the moment he felt the officer letting go of the leash. The pup was grinning from ear to ear, sprinting towards Kameroun who was waiting for him with open arms. Kneeling down, she nearly fell down to the floor and gave him a big hug. So much time had gone by and he still remembered who she was!

At that precise moment, Kameroun couldn’t help but remember the day she brought little Semper home when he was a puppy. Memories of their beautiful time together kept flashing by. There he was! Her beloved Semper. He may have been a bit older, but in her eyes, he would always be her furry baby, her very best friend in the whole world.

Kameroun couldn’t contain her emotion, not even a little bit. She kept petting and petting him vigorously. She kind of felt like she was trapped in a dream. Never in a million years did she think she’d see her loyal companion again. And Semper was just as excited as she was, and could barely hold still. The video caught one heartbreakingly beautiful moment, and it lefts viewers in tears. But Semper didn’t change one bit according to his human mom, Kameroun!

“He’s still the same as usual,” she stated. “Just tugging the leash as always.” Tears fall down her face as everything’s starting to sink in. She had finally reunited with her beautiful dog! Now it was time to lead Semper back to his old life. He was finally home. But Kameroun wasn’t done fighting. She wanted to know how this could’ve happened in the first place, and most importantly, who needed to be held accountable.

Ana Campos Investigators released a statement that read, “Please keep in mind Kameroun is just 26 years old. She was 23 when this began. For a young girl to have the wherewithal and courage to hire a private investigator and attorney is remarkable. Shame on Petkey pets for causing her to suffer and spend her savings on fighting for her dog back because of the role they played.”

The pup was thankfully in good health, and he still loved her more than anything in the world. But Kameroun couldn’t believe people could be so cruel. Her roommate was the first link in the chain. But someone else was willing to buy a dog who clearly belonged to someone else. Kameroun wanted the culprits to be held responsible. After all, how could Semper have been chipped twice? Did Petkey Pets play a roll in all this? Well, according to Campos, they did.

They went on to add, “He was stolen and sold by her roommate 2 1/2 years ago. She was told he was lost on April 30, 2016. But on April 11, 2016, the buyer added their name to his AKC Reunite “registered chip.” They registered this registered chip on Petkey pets instead. Petkey pets did not bother to see if he was chipped already.” Despite the horrific way in which Semper got separated from his beloved owner, Ana Campos Investigations were thrilled to have played a part in reuniting these two. They had finally found each other after all these years!

But Petkey didn’t take the high road or even offer an apology despite playing a major role. Had they done their job, they could’ve easily noticed that something was off. They simply claimed, “It is a pet identifier”. They continued by defending themselves by saying, “It’s not a certificate of ownership, it’s just to help pets going in the right direction. Vets, shelters, animal control etcetera. It’s not for the microchip company to determine who the rightful owner is.” But everyone couldn’t help but feel that they could’ve used the chip to contacted Semper’s owner.

Petkey could’ve made such a difference in the world if they had only bothered to check if Semper had been chipped before. It really does make you wonder if they should’ve been charged in some way. After all, they had the means to contact Semper’s rightful owner from the very beginning, and yet, they chose to microchip the dog, even if he’d been microchipped before.

Despite how heartbreaking it must’ve been to lose her beloved pup, Semper and Kameroun’s story can be used as a cautionary tale. Microchipping your pets can mean the difference between losing them forever or having the chance to see them again. And Kameroun couldn’t agree more. She told ABC News, “The huge wound in my heart can finally start healing”. But she also advised other pet owners to do a little digging to see if there are any extra records associated with their pet’s microchips: “I implore owners to be aware that this can and does happen,” she cautions.

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