20 Awesome Ways To Get Your Eyeliner On Fleek.

20 Awesome Ways To Get Your Eyeliner On Fleek. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Eyeliner is an essential tool to most women’s makeup routine. Some women like to apply it only to the bottom lash line, some like to apply it only to the upper lash line, some like to do both. You can draw it, shape it, angle it any way you want but it’s usually just a simple line or wing and you’re done. I like to think of makeup as an art platform just like drawing or painting. You’re blending colors and different mediums on your face to create an ultimate masterpiece. And the best thing about eyeliner: you can erase **ANY** mistake and start over again (as tiring it may be). Conventional ways of wearing eyeliner can get boring if it’s the same look you rock every day. Why not experiment with the liner to create new interesting looks? Look at some of the unique techniques below to help you get started.

Use liquid eyeliner on top and pencil liner on the bottom so that there’s a difference in texture.

And try accenting with colors like metallic blue.

You can DIY them or purchase them online.

Perfect for days you don’t feel like attempting to create two perfectly symmetrical wings.

“The kookier, the better.”

Draw a beauty mark on your face using the same eyeliner for some added flare.

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