20 Bad Wrapping Paper Ideas That Are Too Awful Not To Try.

20 Bad Wrapping Paper Ideas That Are Too Awful Not To Try. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It often feels like the holiday season is an endless slew of decisions you have to make: Who do you need to buy presents for? What should you get them? How much money should you spend? And what are you going to use to wrap them all? It’s that last question that Twitter took it upon itself to answer recently, providing people with plenty of crude ideas for their wrapping paper. Consider these the perfect option for the people you don’t actually want to buy gifts for, but have to: The Donald Trump wrapping paper is actually kind of hilarious.

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Awkward Teenage Yearbook Photos pic.twitter.com/mIRGNHUFDm — Annie (@anniemae_w) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Santa Stripper pic.twitter.com/c7VBnSPDMa — ChrissyHut (@chrissy_hut) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Pictures of people taken from outside their windows — Kesha Tedder (@KeshaTedder) December 1, 2015

Ants #BadWrappingPaperPrints pic.twitter.com/aSgBMY2kLT — Christine Waiting… (@googlygirl98) December 1, 2015

Collage of All the guys who DM you nudes #BadWrappingPaperPrints pic.twitter.com/nxR0HJGlvK — Donald Trump’s Hair (@hairoftrump) December 1, 2015

White/gold #BadWrappingPaperPrints pic.twitter.com/kf90Kb8xx4 — TrivWorks (@TrivWorks) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Obituary section of the newspaper. — Jason Royle (@JERoyle) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Toilet paper — Kesha Tedder (@KeshaTedder) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints used condom wrappers — RyanGoooosling (@RyanGoooosling) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Jury Duty notices — Jay Tessier (@j4yyftw) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints restraining orders — LVhannukah (@LVGambler123) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints pic.twitter.com/leYBKFUSpZ — Ramona (@Ramona051961) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Bubble wrap. Nobody’s going to open up your gift pic.twitter.com/pnH664kbzZ — Giselle Evans (@GiselleEvns) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints pic.twitter.com/OFqKPwvZYJ — Sweet sin’Dee (@cindymr85) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Leftover sandwich wrap @adriennefunny pic.twitter.com/glXnA0RiM0 — Susie Sparkles (@susanneo5) December 1, 2015

Make America Great Again #BadWrappingPaperPrints pic.twitter.com/h9jJRrhzTU — Thom SFO (@ThomSFO) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints Drunk texts — Annie (@anniemae_w) December 1, 2015

#BadWrappingPaperPrints The faces of all the underpaid Chinese workers that made the gift. — Trish Wilson (@twsimgamer82) December 1, 2015

Crime Scenes #BadWrappingPaperPrints — John Kilby (@TheKilbyJoke) December 1, 2015

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