20 Birthmarks That Were Covered Up With Awesome Tattoos.

20 Birthmarks That Were Covered Up With Awesome Tattoos. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Birthmarks come in all shapes and sizes and can be anywhere on the body. Unfortunately, they’re not something we have any control over. Either you’re born with one or you’re not and what you get is what you get. With that said, it’s very common for a person to be self conscious about their birthmark. Nonetheless, people have gotten creative and covering up their birthmarks with clever designs. Some birthmarks are completely covered while others are simply incorporated into the tattoo. Take a look at some of the unique designs below.For example, this birthmark was the perfect base for Mr. Potato Head!

The birthmark actually makes the perfect background for this type of image.

Although it’s not an actual tattoo since he drew it with a pen, the concept is still really cool!

And in this case it means you gotta get a cookie monster tattoo.

The red tones from the birthmark blend in perfectly well with the flowers.

Another great subject choice to cover something brown.

Now the hippo has a pond to drink from and some trees for shade!

Now instead of a growing hair mole, he has a hair growing Wooly!

Because you get to cover it up with a big badass tattoo, like this Philippine Eagle.

Sometimes you just gotta go big or go home.

But that doesn’t mean the job can’t be accomplished! You just need the right subject, like this Japanese styled koi fish.

This watercolor rose did the perfect job.

The use of this birthmark as a part of this cover art is just brilliant.

You can’t even tell it’s a birthmark, it all looks like an intentional tattoo!

How clever to go with a brown turtle shell to match the birthmark.

All it needed was an outline and some cool sea creatures and objects added around it.

This one is more on the subtle side, yet still very creative.

Just be creative with what you want to add to it, like turning this mole into the iconic Marilyn Monroe mole.

Quite clever actually, now you can’t even tell it was a mole.

Like this clever Pacman tattoo.

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