20 Bizarre Coincidences That Are Almost Too Good To Be True.

20 Bizarre Coincidences That Are Almost Too Good To Be True. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

The world is riddled with coincidences. Haven’t you ever seen one staring you right in the face? But you didn’t have a camera with you so no one believed you. It’s okay because fortunately, some people did snap photos of crazy coincidences that are simply unimaginable. Some of these photos we’re about to show you defy explanation. Others are interesting coincidences. In a few instances, some pictures captured the fate of two lovers who were destined to meet. Once you take a look, you’ll believe that there’s some force greater than ourselves out there, and he or she has a big sense of humor.Bonus: The building is also painted the same ugly color as the cars. Maybe there are three car owners inside their apartment building wearing the same colored polos too, or someone’s just messing with our heads.

Check out this receipt. The shopper went to 7-Eleven, and spent $7.11. Also, you might have noticed that the number 711 is embedded in the approval time, the reference number and the invoice number. Now that’s eerie.

It’s funny that the dog is named Flirt because it looks like she’s winking back at her duplicate. The two seem to have one eye missing. But the funny thing is that one has a left eye while the other has a right eye.

This guy discovered that his Uber driver was a slimmer version of himself. Was he a double from another dimension, or his long-lost twin? The guy could have easy shaved off his mustache and taken over his life.

The guy on the left was in the picture of his future wife’s family photo. It was taken in 1985 in Pão de Açúcar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The funny thing is that this was taken 7 years before they actually met.

These two rental cars parked side by side, and they’re identical KIAs. But the twist is in the tags. The car on the right ends in 92 and the car on the left ends in 93. It’s too bad 92 didn’t park on the left. That would have been cooler.

The odd thing was that one brother was in England, while the other one was in Australia. But when they met up again, they realized that their fashion sense was totally twinning. Now that’s truly a weird coincidence.

This married Chinese couple discovered that they appeared in the same photograph when they were teenagers. So, clearly, these two were destined to be in each other’s lives from the very beginning.

Whoever took this photo must have laughed their heads off. But the moment was fleeting. Once the light turned green, both cars went their separate ways. Who knows when they’ll play peekaboo with unsuspecting drivers again?

A nurse from the US was shocked to discover that the premature baby she had cared for 28 years earlier was her colleague in the present. Now that’s what you’d call one full circle of life. Wouldn’t you agree?

This guy found two fortune cookies in one. Both fortunes were pointing him towards love. But it wasn’t what he thought. It just meant that love was on the way in the form of a printed piece of paper. Bummer!

This little girl had injured her chin. As you can tell, the area got really bruised up. But at dinner, she opened up a fortune cookie that was mind-blowingly accurate for her situation. Maybe she should pick out the winning lotto numbers.

As grown-ups, these kids got married in their twenties. But they hadn’t realized they had met before. It turns out that their moms were BFFs in high school. When they found this photo, they displayed it during their wedding.

The guy was probably just hanging on, waiting for the right moment to share this photo. But the real plot twist to this photo would be if the guy’s name was Cliff and his last name was Barr. But that would be a huge stretch.

They went to a wedding, but not together. They didn’t even know each other, and yet they dressed the same. The guy on the right probably turned to the one on the left and said, “I shall call you, Mini-Me!”

We’re sure the doctor was very confused when he noticed the coincidence. They have the same hairstyle and the same shirt. But the big question is, does this guy suffer from upper GI anatomy and acid reflux disease too?

It seems like everyone has their own answer for that question. But how often do we get to actually see a chicken cross the road? As for the answer, we can only assume that it crossed so that it could get to the other side.

Whoever owns these vehicles is going to have to do more than a 3-point turn to get out of there. Those trees left them with zero space to pull out. But at least the owners won’t have to worry about getting a new paint job.

The winged creature and the swimming trunks have the same color pattern. It’s probably thinking it’s found its soulmate. We’ll just let it believe that it has. It’ll eventually realize that clothes can’t lay eggs.

Coincidentally, they’re both named Ken and love plaid shirts. They don’t have 20/20 vision either, hence the glasses. But only one of them is single. Spoiler alert, it’s not the living breathing human on the left.

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