20 Christmas Baby Photo Fails That Are So Wrong They’re Actually Right.

20 Christmas Baby Photo Fails That Are So Wrong They’re Actually Right. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Parents just love having Christmas themed photoshoots when they have a baby or toddler in the family. And when they don’t know where to start, they just look to the Internet for inspiration. They find Christmas baby photos that they do like and then attempt to recreate them with their own baby. This isn’t always such a great idea. They probably assume this is the best time to take these festive photoshoots as the kids won’t agree to such photos when they grow older. However, getting the baby or kid to happily pose for the photo doesn’t always turn out like how you expected. Babies, do after all, have their own unique way of refusing photos.Reality: Baby girl hating her first Christmas outfit.

Reality: Family photo of a mom and dad kissing an unhappy baby.

Reality: Baby knocked out face forward in a suitcase.

Reality: Bored baby waiting for the holiday season to be over already while wearing a festive beanie.

Reality: Siblings who could care less for Christmas.

Reality: Baby hating Christmas lights.

Reality: Baby freaking out inside a Christmas stocking.

Reality: A grumpy baby snowman.

Reality: Baby girl wanting to desperately get off Santa’s lap.

Reality: Baby wearing too big of a Santa Claus hat.

Reality: Baby getting himself into a tangled mess with the Christmas lights.

Reality: Baby twins trying to eat everything in sight.

Reality: A not so pleasant surprise in a Christmas gift box.

Reality: Baby looking lazy not caring about the Christmas lights one bit.

Reality: Cute baby in a watered down mini Santa Claus robe.

Reality: Baby absolutely terrified of Christmas decor next to the Christmas tree.

Reality: Baby trying to devour Christmas ornaments.

Reality: Baby elf who hates his parents at the moment.

Reality: Baby laying face forward while surrounded by Christmas ornaments.

Reality: Baby having the worst time of his life inside a stocking.

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