20 Christmas Snapchats That Nail The Humor Of The Holidays.

20 Christmas Snapchats That Nail The Humor Of The Holidays. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Christmas is a fun time. Visiting family and friends, eating all the goodies while wrapping and decorating, and listening to endless hours of carolling, is part of what makes it the best time of the year. How else can you explain people choosing to wear ugly sweaters if not to make others smile. Although, some people take this holiday to the extreme, whether it’s going all out decorating their homes or going over budget shopping. Rather than criticize those that love Christmas, it is better to join in on the fun. Better yet, be the funny person who points out how ridiculous everyone acts. You can prank family and friends during Christmas as long as it’s done with love and in the spirit of fun. Take a look at the best pranks. You will be joyous with envy of not thinking of these yourself. We are wondering if the reason no one noticed #5 may be due to a close resemblance?We would love to sample maybe two or three…or all of them.

Also, he doesn’t appreciate the reindeer ears.

Better move to the more expensive aisle if you want anything.

Try to smile and not look mortified for the camera.

But how do you miss his menacing eyes?

He promises he will be gentle this year.

Can’t tell who’s happier, the canine or Santa.

Although it makes for an epic photo!

Son, you can work your way up to a Mercedes.

This tree is crying inside.

We wonder who’s winning here.

The clay shop uses the model for both purposes.

He’s impressed with his humans.

Her eyes do not hide her contempt at the weak joke.

Some shoppers just have too much time on their hands.

When her sense of humour is better than yours.

Wondering why no one in the family spoke up before.

Capturing family Christmas photos like a pro.

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