20+ Clever Inventions That Will Fix All Of Our Problems.

20+ Clever Inventions That Will Fix All Of Our Problems. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Back in the 50s and 60s, people read, watched and dreamt about all the nifty new gadgets humans would be using in the future. Well, that future is here and inventors have created things that are making our lives so much easier. Now you’ve probably used phrases like “wouldn’t it be cool if” or “oh, if only they made that.” Well, it turns out that someone has come up with a ton of cool stuff you’ve always wanted and maybe even a few things you didn’t even know you needed. But this list has some of the neatest inventions that money can buy.Now you’ll never have to worry about coming home smelling like a chain smoker and begging your loved ones to believe you that you’re not a closet smoker. They should implement this in every workplace.

The airport’s bar has tabletops that are very chilled so that when a customer puts their drink down, their beverage won’t get cold. It’s a pretty nifty hack. But what happens if you order a cup of coffee instead?

Well, someone figured out a way to fix that minor first world problem. This epic changing room mirror comes with a bunch of different light settings that allow you to check yourself out. This is sp dope!

If you don’t have a garage and live in an area prone to hail, you’ll need this. It’s an inflatable garage that keeps your car safe. It also works great against fly-by baseballs or rocks tossed by neighborhood kids.

Well, now it can. This microwave will nuke your food, for sure. But it also has a built-in toaster on the side that lets you toast bread for you and the whole family. Now if only it had an espresso machine too.

It was designed so you can take your cat anywhere. But of course, it doesn’t mean that your cat will want to go to the park or see the world outside. Some cats actually dislike doing that more than dogs.

Nowhere. That’s where. Until now. This wedding dress was designed with pockets, so the bride has somewhere to hide her car keys in case she changes her mind and needs to get away in a hurry.

It has a micro-hydroelectric generator, so the water will keep it running even if the power is out. But hopefully, the music doesn’t come out all slow if you happen to have issues with low water pressure.

Luckily, someone came up with a solution. This public toilet, which can be found inside a shopping mall, features two toilet seats. One of them is for mom (or dad!) and the other one is for the little ones. Total lifesaver!

Okay, okay! So some folks might think this invention is a bit dumb and goofy-looking. But hey! If it’s dumb, but it works, it’s not dumb, right?

There’s nothing worse than leaving a hotel hoping for a clear sunny day only to find that the weather outside is frightful. But this mirror lets you know whether it’s safe to go out before you get in the elevator.

It’s designed to randomize the numbers every time someone uses it. That way, if anyone happens to be watching your finger movements from behind, they won’t know what numbers you actually keyed in.

Have you ever gone into a stall and had to apologize for breaking someone’s knee caps in and also getting an accidental peek? Well, this display ensures that the stall you go to is unoccupied before going in.

Pour soft drinks, or juice into the can, seal the tab and go. The tab also ensures that a smoker doesn’t accidentally use the can as an ashtray. The last thing you want is the taste of cigarette ash in your mouth.

This pen indicates how many pages you can still write based on how much ink you have left. But if it’s anything like a regular printer, you can probably write a couple of extra pages once you get to the warning area.

This would be great if you’re cooking and don’t have time to guess how much 1/7 or 1/5 really is. You can also teach your kids about fractions and how to figure out the lowest common denominator.

You can finally get a goodnight’s rest. The technology has a dial that you can adjust to drown out those rowdy kids in the other room or those newlyweds that simply won’t let you sleep with all those noises they’re making.

This is the perfect mouse for accountants because you can click through spreadsheets and expense reports. But if you ever find yourself needing to do some quick math, this calculator is right at your fingertips.

But they’ll be in for quite a shock when these energy sabers laser their tongue off. It’s why the instructions probably suggest you use the force to eat your food and just display the chopsticks on a wall.

Each of these pies states on the edge what the filling is. Now you won’t have to listen to everyone asking “What’s in it?” But there might be one or two family members who’ll totally miss the wording. Feel free to roll your eyes.

Most hiking daypacks and camping backpacks have a whistle on the chest strap so you can make a noise if you find yourself lost in the woods. It’s perfect if you run into a hungry predator like a lion, tiger or a psychopath, too.

This wasn’t just any cap. It was a Spider-Man cap that came with what looks like a cool spider logo. So, the air-filled pillow was used so it wouldn’t arrive all squishy, which could have seriously ruined the logo.

With it, you can pretty much MacGyver your way out of a bad situation because it also works as a ruler and a tiny wrench. It’s also stronger than a regular clip so it’ll last longer and you can look cute and get things done.

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