20 DIY Home Décor Ideas That’ll Make Martha Stewart Jealous.

20 DIY Home Décor Ideas That’ll Make Martha Stewart Jealous. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

What better way to spend your afternoon than with a crafty DIY project? They’re super affordable to do and you can’t help but get a gratifying feeling of achievement once you’ve completed the project. But where do you even start? There’s so many different types of DIY projects out there. How do you even know what to look up? Well look no further, below we’ve comprised a few home DIY projects. Keep yourself busy by becoming a DIYer. We’ve got DIY projects of all sorts for your home from planters to various types of home decorations. Which one will you start with today?Glam up your alcohol by creating these geode bottle stoppers for them. All you need is an assortment of geodes with flat bottoms and craft glue. Glue the geodes to the corks and bam!

If you’re into planting and have a lot of plants outside your house, why not make one huge planter that’ll hold all your plants? Even better, you can make a monogram one! It can have the initials of your first name or your family name.

Upgrade any old office chair with this hack. Simply spray paint the bottom gold and it automatically will become the star of your work space!

If you’re in need of some coasters in your household, why not create your own? Instead of purchasing expensive agate coasters, search for non-drilled wholesale agate slices. After your purchase them, simply paint the outline with gold nail polish and you’re finished!

Never need to worry about centerpieces again with this special table! What better table to have in the backyard than one that has a built in planter in the middle filled with beautiful succulents.

If there’s a bath mat that you actually really like, why not turn it into a cool wall hanging? It can be a lot easier than you think. Just measure, cut, and stain the wood then secure them together with screws from the reverse side.

Can you guess what the main secret ingredient you need for this elegant looking project? It’s nail polish! All you need to do is top different colors of nail polish on top of each other on the bottom of the glassware and then use a toothpick to move around the colors.

If your sofa is starting to look old and saggy, make it look brand new with this DIY trick! Fill the throw pillow covers with Poly-Fil and then add some Poly-Fil Quilt Batting into the cushions!

Instead of just placing vases on tables, hang them on your walls for a unique look! Use empty wine bottles as your vases and a threaded rod and split ring hanger to hang them!

Spice up a door by simply covering it in polka dots. All you need is white adhesive vinyl and scissors to cut them into circles!

This marquee light may look like it was store bought and cost a bunch but really it was home-made! Start with a quarter inch chip board and saw an ampersand shape into it. And then cut 3 1/2 inches wide of poster board for the sides of the sign. Tape to the sides and then paint! Then using a string of lights, put a light bulb into each hole. Voila!

If you’re tired of the same old tile wall you always see in your kitchen, try giving it some life with this DIY paint trick. Just use painter’s tape to create the shape you want, in this case they did triangles, and then paint!

If you’re looking to add a burst of unexpected colors to your home, try doing so with crepe paper flowers! You can use them to decorate a patio or even ceiling.

Do you always see palettes being given away for free? Here’s your chance to finally make use of that opportunity! Turn a palette into a rustic bed frame for your bed.

Recreate these adorable handmade clay houses for stand alone succulents! Use oven-bake clay to create the pieces and then press clay into the edges to put it together.

Create this very stylish rustic looking stool for under $5! All you need is soft refrigeration coil to create the hairpin style legs, a belt sander to use on a basic round piece of wood, and then stain paint to create the “live edge” look.

Upgrade a plain foam cube you already have into an on-trend pouf you always see in the magazines. All you need is one yard of the fabric you want to cover the cube and a sewing machine.

If your walls are starting to look a bit empty, it’s time to hang up some art work! But not just any art work, YOUR art work! Turn your photos into wall art by printing out a large engineer print of your photo and taping it to two smaller foam boards.

Hampers are big and bulky and can take up a lot of space in a bathroom. Try create an embroidered hoop hamper instead that can hang from your wall.

Cords can look ugly when you have too many of them. Try decorating them with washi tape just to make them a bit more colorful!

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